Are we blind to the power of God?

When we sleep or just close our eyes to the outside world are we like little children who think that because they can’t see anything, they are invisible and the world is too? There are times that I would like for that to be true but, it isn’t. When we were blind to the truth of God, did His truth still exist? Of course it did!

The world and all of the created things in it exist regardless of our position in it or our comprehension of it. The sun comes up and the moon rises, the tides come in and flow back to the sea, seasons change and the wind blows. All of these have been since the beginning when God put them into motion and they will not stop until He causes them to.

The same is true in our lives. We go to sleep at night and dream, we wake in the morning, eat breakfast and get ready for our job, and this is a daily ritual that goes on until we retire or we die whichever comes first. The novelty of life is that it shouldn’t be a novelty; we should live it as real as it is and thank God that we can do so.

The ground under your feet and the air that we breathe are real because God made them so. We did not and cannot create anything that He did not create first; a painting or sculptures are only as real as our imagination and our talent allows us to make it. He created the stone and the paint pigments that are used in its creation by us if we have the talent to do so. God Himself sculpted Adam from the mud and breathed His life into him and afterward He said that it was very good. Adam’s own decision to not follow God’s instructions caused all of us to pay for his mistake but God knew that was going to happen before it happened. He had a plan then and He has a plan for all of us today through Jesus and the work that He did for all of us.

The life that we are given to live here is for God’s glory and for His purposes. Whether we choose to work for Him and with Him is still our choice but our life will be the greater for it if we do choose His ways and purposes. While we are living and working in this world, regardless of our vocation, we should use our time and energy to further His kingdom as much as we are able. The pay for working for God in this life may not be profitable as our world views it, but the rewards in the next life are beyond measure by any standard that anyone on earth can fathom.

If you died today, where would you go? I hear many people say, “I hope that I will go to heaven”. If your hope is in Christ and your faith is in Him too, you will. If you are counting on your own deeds to get there, you will be disappointed. Our righteousness is as filthy rags without Christ because nothing that we can do on our own is good enough. Give your life to Him and ask Jesus to save you from your sins today. Once you do that, there will be no doubt about where you will be after you die. You will be with Him. Then your life will really start!



Why all of the anger and vulgarity?

There is no reason for these in a society in the 21st century. I know there are some who think that they can’t talk without some form of vulgar speech coming through but is it that necessary? Truly, how would you feel if you were talking this way and Jesus was standing there? Would it bother you?

Our world is under God‘s watchful gaze but Satan has the run of the world right now so all things which happen that are terrible can be laid at his feet. He is the one causing all of the conflict in our world and between people in the world. The Creator is in control regardless of what may be happening and nothing catches Him by surprise.

Our lives belong to us but we are here for His purpose not just our own. God used kings and pharaoh’s even when they did not believe in Him or in who He was and He used them to accomplish His purposes just as He does today. We have become so accustomed to the violence, hatred, and other areas of our world until we just don’t pay much attention to the news anymore.

I also know that there are people who don’t believe in God or Jesus and for them the only advice that can be given is to listen to a real Bible-teaching church sermon and to read God’s Word. I know that most atheists don’t want to read the Bible or go to church, but the time will come when you will finally see and understand and it may be too late to decide at that point.

Please, listen to God’s voice and answer the call on your life. You won’t regret it and the reward will be out of this world!