Why all of the anger and vulgarity?

There is no reason for these in a society in the 21st century. I know there are some who think that they can’t talk without some form of vulgar speech coming through but is it that necessary? Truly, how would you feel if you were talking this way and Jesus was standing there? Would it bother you?

Our world is under God‘s watchful gaze but Satan has the run of the world right now so all things which happen that are terrible can be laid at his feet. He is the one causing all of the conflict in our world and between people in the world. The Creator is in control regardless of what may be happening and nothing catches Him by surprise.

Our lives belong to us but we are here for His purpose not just our own. God used kings and pharaoh’s even when they did not believe in Him or in who He was and He used them to accomplish His purposes just as He does today. We have become so accustomed to the violence, hatred, and other areas of our world until we just don’t pay much attention to the news anymore.

I also know that there are people who don’t believe in God or Jesus and for them the only advice that can be given is to listen to a real Bible-teaching church sermon and to read God’s Word. I know that most atheists don’t want to read the Bible or go to church, but the time will come when you will finally see and understand and it may be too late to decide at that point.

Please, listen to God’s voice and answer the call on your life. You won’t regret it and the reward will be out of this world!


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