Can you know God?

The answer to this is, YES! He reveals Himself to us through the Bible. All of His personality and character traits are there, all you have to do is study and pray while reading it and God will be revealed to you.

I know, there are many other so called “religions” which say that you can’t know God or Allah or whatever name they call Him by. But, you can! He wants to know you and He does but He also wants to be known by you. He created us for this and we are His creation. We are not an accident or some other random occurrence of natural processes.

God has a sense of humor and is compassionate toward his creation. In many churches you never hear of this. God is seen and preached as a stern figure which holds us to rules and regulations. He is much better than that. Why would He send so much quail into the camp of the Israelites that they would be sick of it if He didn’t have a sense of humor? They asked for meat to eat and He gave them more than they could handle!

The Pleiades which He hung in the heavens are as beautiful now as they were when they were put there. He asked Job, “Where were you when I hung the¬†Pleiades and all the other stars during Creation?”

Is it possible to know Him as a friend? Yes, when you spend time in the Word of the Bible you will come to know Him as a friend. When you pray to Him daily and listen for His voice speaking back to you, then you will know Him as a friend. God is our Creator and our friend and He wants that relationship too. Our lives can be so much more productive for Him when we follow Him daily. Give Him your heart so that He can give you life!


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