Jesus and His Deity

He gave it up to become a man and yet He was still in control as Christ. Even the demons recognized this because they knew who He was and is today. He is with God, ruling and watching over all of creation and one day, He will return just as He said. The God-head is a Trinity, regardless of what other religions may say. There is God the Father, God the Son and the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit.

He is referred to as “the Living Word” in scripture so in essence Jesus was the Living Word of God. Christians don’t deny this, only those who have not taken the time to study the Bible and get into its wisdom question these points. The Son of God, of which there is only one, does not need His deity to be proven because of the record written in scripture before He was born and after He was raised from the tomb.

So in our world, why do so many people choose not to believe in Jesus? Why does even His name cause controversy and anger? It seems that it is because of Who He is and what He represents. It also points to one simple truth and that is: If Jesus is Who the Bible says He is, the the Bible is true and all other religions have nothing to stand on.

That one truth angers billions of people because it would upset their religious beliefs and yet when He comes back, all will bow and acknowledge Him as Lord. Grudgingly, perhaps, but they will because they will have no other choice. He will be sitting on His throne and they will have no argument, no witty comeback in front of the Creator.

Jesus is the Creator along with God the Father, period. There can be no real argument on this point and yet there are many who believe or dis-believe other lies or half-truths, most of which are man-made. How can anyone read the book of Job and see where God answers him with the names of the stars in the heavens and not believe. God is the One who spoke the universe into existence. He formed all of us in the womb so that our purpose, His purpose for us could be fulfilled. We all have one and yet many people try to find it in other things and places.

God loves you, not because He has to but because He does, period! We have the choice to love Him or not, if we didn’t have that choice we would be no different than animals who follow their instincts. God even gives angels the choice of loving Him and serving Him and most do. The only ones who chose not to were cast from Heaven with their leader, Satan, and they will pay for their decision.

Our choice, our life should be to follow Him, because the life we have here on earth is but a speck compared to eternity. I want to serve Him, not only because I want to live, but because He loved me from the beginning and you too! I do not want any of my friends or my family to have to suffer in hell because they didn’t know about their Savior.

There are many who think that there is no hell, but if there is a heaven there has to be a hell. Would you really want to spend uncountable years in a place of punishment which was not created for you in the first place? Hell was created to punish Satan and his angels or demons, whichever way you look at them. It was not meant for us at all, but that is where we will go if we have not accepted Jesus as Lord. It is a hard teaching to follow but it is the truth because it is in God’s Word.

I know many people have said that Christians are crazy because we believe some old book and the Words contained in it. We believe without proof or evidence which is not true. There is historical evidence that the people and places mentioned in God’s Word existed and the simple fact that we exist, as does all of creation, is proof enough. Debating these issues is just an exercise in differing opinions and that is all.

God’s Word and His love for us is true and all we have to decide to do is to allow Him into our life and our hearts or not.

Romans 6:23 says:  23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Searching for meaning in this life?

As we become adults, we begin looking for meaning in our lives. We wonder if our life really has a purpose or meaning. What am I supposed to do while I am here and where can I find out? Is there anyone who can tell me the answer to this question?

Yes, there is an answer to this and the answer may surprise some people. The Bible itself has many of the answers that people seek and as for a purpose in life, serving God is the highest calling I can imagine. During our teen years we begin looking for these answers but we don’t want to hear that our answer might come from some old book that has been around for nearly two thousand years! We want fresh, new insight into our problems and the solutions to those problems.

Guess what? The Bible is always fresh with new insight! Because it is the Living Word, each person who reads it in the context that it is meant to be read gets something different and new! If you read it as a book and don’t pray about what you are reading, you will only get what a book can give you. If you doubt what you are reading and don’t believe the things contained in it, you will get nothing from it, other than a headache.

But, if you are truly looking for the answers to your questions and ask God to show you what you are seeking, you will find it in abundance! There is more wisdom contained within its pages than in all of the libraries or databases on earth. As someone seeking the Truth, the Bible will give you that and so much more.

I have never been an eloquent speaker, but as I pray about what to write here, God gives me the words to say. I don’t claim to be a prophet, yet I am a preacher speaking the Truth and about God’s Word because it is the Truth that is needed in this world. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. No one comes to the Father except through me. ” John 14:6

There are many who claim to be representing truth in this world and yet there is only One Truth and that is salvation through Jesus the Christ! If that is not what you have been taught in life, then you need another teacher. The Teacher you need is God’s Word, the Bible. Through the wisdom contained in it anyone can be saved and given the things which God has reserved for those who follow Him and do His will in their lives.

My life is forfeited because I serve the Living God. I can do no less because He has done so much for all of us. We are given breath and life and the sun and the rain, but we are also to endure through hardships in this life. This is a hard concept for some because it means that we are not give a free ride in life, we don’t have it easy when we become Christians.

I have had many to ask me why this is and the answer is simple, it is because Satan hates God and His children which we become when we accept Christ as our Savior! Satan and his followers cause all of the pain and disease and problems in the world but no one wants to acknowledge that he even exists, which is fine with him because as long as we don’t believe in him we aim our anger and frustration at God!

God is the only One who cares for us and wants the best for us in everything. Give your heart to Him, read the Bible, pray about what you are reading and it will open up to you like no other book can! In Service to Him, always!