Are we really that easy to fool?

In recent years there have been new “religions” which have come into the world. Are we really that gullible as to believe something which man has devised from his own thoughts and feelings?

I suppose we must be since Scientology and other religions have been created just in the past one hundred years from man’s own mind. Imagination is good when it is used to write a book of fiction but it is another thing entirely when you are using it to create something that you follow as a “religion“.

In all sincerity you can make a religion out of most anything, from football to fishing or even your job or your status. But, if you do such a thing and you are wrong, what then? If the Bible and Christianity are true, which many people believe, then what will you do when you stand before God after you die? “Sorry” or “Oops” come to mind but they won’t be enough!

What about Islam and Allah? This religion was given to their prophet a little over a thousand years ago and it is reported to be a “peaceful” religion. Yet, according to their laws, you will be killed if you do not worship Allah and submit to Islamic traditions. It doesn’t sound peaceful to me.


3 thoughts on “Are we really that easy to fool?

  1. Hi, I like your interest in God. but I disagree with your point about Islam and Allah: “you will be killed if you do not worship Allah and submit to Islamic traditions.” Now a days most of the Muslims are not doing so but they are still living…

    • Are you a Muslim? Do you follow the teachings in the Quran? Then, if you do, you don’t have to worry about the sharia law regarding apostates.

      • Yah, I try my best. I have to follow Prophet Muhammad n Jesus, may peace n blessings be upon both of them. They used to worry about apostrates. They used to call the people towards one God only.

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