Is Christ in your Christmas?

In our world and the culture that we live in, we tend to look at this time of year as a “commercial” time. We see all of the advertisements and sales of all kinds from Black Friday on to Christmas Eve and yet no one seems to notice the real reason for Christmas.

Now I am not going to tell you that Jesus was born on Christmas Day because we don’t know the exact date of His birth. It was in the fall of the year but December or the month which coincides with it on the Jewish calendar is cold and wet and I don’t think that the story of His birth reflects that type of weather.

Christ is the reason for this season and we have all heard it whether we agree with it or not. Our culture is rejecting anything that has to do with Jesus at this time or at any other time of year but He is still Lord. So, what do we do with Jesus? What should we do with Christ?

Allow Him into our celebration of this time of year and into our hearts! This really is the only choice that makes sense but those who don’t want to believe will still disagree with that choice. Our choices in life dictate the direction of our lives, whether you decide to believe this or not really doesn’t make any difference.

Once the direction of your life has been chosen, consciously or not, your destination coincides with that road that you are on whether good or bad. The same is true about the religion that you follow and where it will take you. You could follow “heavy metal” although it wouldn’t do much for you spiritually. You could choose Scientology but that won’t get you much either.

The only religion which has stood the test of time is Christianity. To be like Christ you must follow His example and we must allow Him into our heart and our life. There also has to be a change in your character consistent with your faith in Him. Many people don’t want this change. They don’t believe that it will or can change them. Many just don’t want to change and that is fine, but what will you tell God when He asks you “What did you do with my Son?”?

The answer to that question is what seals your eternal destiny. It is not the acts that you have committed in your life, though they will testify against you too. Eternity rests on the answer to just one question: “Did you allow Jesus into your life and your heart?”. What you did before doesn’t matter. If you allowed Him into your heart, everything that you do afterward does matter, because those things are supposed to be done for Him and His glory.


One thought on “Is Christ in your Christmas?

  1. This post really made me think. I like where you said, “Our culture is rejecting anything that has to do with Jesus at this time or at any other time of year but He is still Lord.” This statement is so true. Christ is always Lord. I am so thankful that He brought me to a place where I would recognize Him as my Savior and worship Him always. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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