Grins and giggles

We always think of any spiritual encounter, whether it is in the Bible or a Bible study or at church, as being serious and not funny but don’t you think that God laughs at some of our antics? What about some of the things that we ask Him for or the way that we ask? I believe that God has a great sense of humor and enjoys humor and laughter.

You can’t sit around for an eternity and be serious all of the time! That is why we have humor in our lives because God gave it to us to ease the day or a particular time in your life, and make you laugh and just enjoy life while we can.

Here is a picture that I think is funny and I hope that you do too:

cat-in-the-mailWe don’t have to be so serious about our lives, even though our daily life is serious. Enjoy the little things, make fun of your own mix-ups, laugh at yourself once in a while, I am sure that God does. He doesn’t laugh at us in a mean or demeaning way, but I am sure that He finds many things that we do on a daily basis to be funny.

We are people who tend to take much of our existence too seriously and we need to live life like Jesus did. Consult your Father in prayer about things that concern us in everyday life. Little things, big decisions and everything in between, He doesn’t mind because that is what He be involved with you in your life, daily!

God is not unconcerned about each of us because He cares about His creation, all of it. When Jesus told His disciples that God knows even when a sparrow falls to the ground, don’t you think He cares about what is happening in your life too? He knows what is happening in our lives but He would like to be invited to participate in your life and not just be an observer.

Humor is found in the Bible, some of it is wry humor and some of it would be considered very funny when taken in the context of the time that it happened. Take the time that the children of Jacob asked for meat after being liberated from slavery, God told them that they would have so much that it would be coming out of their noses. To those that it happened to, it might not be funny, but can you imagine all of the thousands of people in the camp eating so much that the meat was coming out of their noses (gross but funny).

God’s sense of humor and His love for us go hand in hand. We are made in His image and yet we have free will and the choice to either follow Jesus or to do our own thing. We can choose that path, but in following your own way and not giving your life to Christ you are doing the work of Satan. Especially if you encourage other people to live the way you do and not to follow Christ! God doesn’t have a sense of humor regarding your choices if that choice was to not follow Jesus. It grieves Him because He provided a way for you to live a life abundantly in Christ, forever. All that you have to do is ask for it and it is yours. I don’t mean to give anyone the idea that I promote a lifestyle other than Christianity, I don’t. I also don’t agree with these “abundant lifestyle” preachers who say that you will be rich and have everything that you could want or need by being one of their “partners”. That is false teaching.

I only tell the gospel from the Bible and from my life experience. I encourage people to check the references that I refer to, even though I may paraphrase some of the wisdom from God’s Word, it can still be found there. Give God and chance in your life, He can make it much better than it is now and you will have forever to be with those who have done the same.