Our life in Christ

We, as believers, are to live in Christ but have you noticed that He may not be in some who claim to know Him? Making the claim that you know Jesus is easy and truly, you don’t have to prove it to anyone because we are not supposed to judge our brothers and sisters.

That being said, if their life and their fruit don’t bear any resemblance to Christian behavior, what are we to do? The Lord and His Word says to confront this brother or sister with a witness and not alone, try to bring them to the conviction that their behavior is not consistent with their belief and heal their spirit.

Of course, there will be some who will not listen or hear a rebuke like this because they believe that they are right with Him. We must not confront them in a way that would push them away from the church or from Jesus, so if they won’t listen then pray for them and let it go.

Our life in Christ and with Him is to be one that is not to be pushy, but to let people know of Him in love and in a loving way. Jesus didn’t condemn the religious leaders with the exception of telling them that they were wrong in their religion, but He knew their hearts and He knew that they wouldn’t change in the short time that He had with them.

The only responsibility that we have in letting people know about Jesus, is to do just that. Give them some scriptures which tell of His love for them, tell them what He has done for you since you have been following Him, pray with them if they want to or pray for them if they don’t but tell them about Jesus! After you have done that, it is up to the Holy Spirit to take care of the seed that has been planted in their heart. If it grows into a relationship with Him, great; if it doesn’t…then keep praying for them. It may take a while for roots to take hold of their lives and convict them of the needed change, but if it is meant to happen it will in God‘s time.

We have to understand that, when we pray for or witness to someone or do anything hoping that God will work in a situation or in someone’s life, it will happen by God’s timing and not our own. Just as the answers to our own prayers about things in our life come in God’s time, not on our schedule. He may decide to answer according to our time table, but it will be because our expectations and His will were in synch, not because of anything on our part.

God loves each of us for who we are because that is how He made each of us. Nothing that we do can cause God to make our life miserable or cause trouble in our life, we do that all on our own. He may allow certain troubles to come into our life to make us cling tighter to Him or to come closer to Him, but He doesn’t cause the trouble for us. God allows Satan to cause trouble in each person’s life and he knows exactly how and where we are vulnerable. But, God sets limits on him so that he can’t go too far with the punishment or trials that we have to endure.

The main point of this is this: don’t ever ask God to give you more patience!

You will regret asking for that because He will allow things to try your patience in ways that it never has been before in order for you to cultivate more patience! God loves us dearly, but we cannot fathom His ways anymore than an ant can fathom ours. Once you get to know God, you will know better how to ask Him for things that will fit into your walk with Him and then things will begin to go smoother in your walk with Him and in your life too.


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