There are many views and ideas

I am going to put this up and let you decide. If you don’t that is fine, but I want people to see the differences between the world views that are out in the world. God loves you all and is waiting for you. He is not going to chase you down, but He is there when you need Him. Take a look at these and see which one applies to your life.

worldview_chart_gw3Click on this image and read through it just to see where you are in your life. What do you believe? Which one of these pertains to your life? We who are Christians have to give away our beliefs because we were given much. We are not to push our beliefs on others but to tell them about Jesus and our faith in Him. If they or you don’t want to accept it, that is their prerogative. What else can we do for others? I am not speaking of just praying for someone, which is a powerful thing to do but can’t we do more for some? I know we are in some trying times financially, some of us physically, but there are people that we can help!

I have had comments which seem to be angry about my points and I know some of those points are confusing but the point of this page and this site is to point to Jesus, not world views other than His. I follow Him, He loves you and I have to tell these things because He has called me to this ministry. I am a pastor of a small church and yet I have more people following this site and my other site than I have in attendance even during a revival at the church! I am thankful for that and I hope that you are all getting something from this site.


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