Can you handle the Truth?

My memory brought up this quote from a movie recently and I thought I would use it to see what sort of reaction I might get: “You can’t handle the truth!!” Is this the way that many people see God’s Word, as a Truth that they don’t want to handle or just don’t want to believe?

bibleTruthGod’s Word and His Truth is hard for some people to swallow or it seems to be. It upsets people who are not Christians to see a cross or a Bible. Why is that? A cross is just a couple of pieces of wood and the Bible is considered “just a book”.

The reason that many people have trouble with both of them is because of what and Who is represented by them. The cross is where Jesus gave His life for all of us and paid the price for our sins. If He had not done this, we would not have access to God or to salvation through His forgiveness.

The Bible is not just a book but the Word of God given to His prophets, written down by them and by others who copied the Scriptures meticulously so that Israel would have a written record of their history and their covenant with God. It is verified by history and by archeology and the Promise which was repeated and brought into the world in the person of Jesus. He was foretold to be born in Genesis, spoken of by Isaiah and Ezekiel, and there was prophetic poetry written by David in the book of Psalms and all of these were hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth.

The Truth contained in it will convict you if you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior but it also comforts and advises you in many different areas of life. Jesus can be your Savior and He is also your advocate, defending you from the accusations of Satan.

The gospel message contained in it specifically refers to belief in Jesus and in His atoning death which opened the way for each of us to come before the throne of God, clothed in His righteousness. Jesus came to bring this to us, not only to His people but also to all of us gentiles outside of Israel. The Word of God is the most powerful and wonderful book that I have ever read. In some translations, like the newer ones, a child can easily understand it and the message that it contains.

We are graced with the love of God through its pages and through our lives as we live out our lives in service to Him. Have you given your life to Him or maybe thought about it? Pray about it and read His Word. Ask Him to show you His Truth in its pages and passages. It is there and so is He, all that you have to do is look for it and accept the gospel as His message to you for your life.


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