Can’t I do it without church?

Some people wonder why they have to go to church if they become a Christian and they complain about it. They even ask, “Can’t I become a Christian without being a member of a church?” Let me answer that question with another one–can a honey-bee be a bee without a hive? Can a sailor be a sailor without a ship? Can a person be a parent without a family? Can a father or mother be what they are if they don’t have children? None of these can be what they are supposed to be unless there is a reason for them to be.

Being a Christian is important for your salvation, but it is also important to God. He created man for daily fellowship with Him and they had that for a while. He will be with you whether you are in church or not, but your soul and your walk with Him will be much more blessed by having fellowship with other Christians.

While you can enjoy your fellowship with God whether you are in church or not, the fellowship that being with fellow Christians gives you will deepen relationship with Him. Living as a Christian will enhance your life here and give you a future to look forward to, unlike disregarding God as many people today seem to be doing.

It is unhealthy to ignore or disregard the existence of God as our Creator as many seem to feel the need to do today. You might ask “Why is that?”; well, the reason it is unhealthy is because you were designed by Him so your being, your soul yearns for fellowship with Him. If you continually reject Him, then you grow cold, distant and since you are dissociating yourself with the love of God, then you will reject love too.

By rejecting love, your personal relationships suffer, family relationships suffer, friendship suffers. God is Supreme Love, and by rejecting Him you are putting it (love) out of your life. You will have lust, and affection that can mimic love and make you feel wanted but it is not the same. Your life and mine were created to be more complete with love present in our lives and without it, there is an emptiness, a place which feels hollow that cannot be filled.

God loves each person on Earth and He provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him through the sacrifice of Jesus as the perfect sacrifice, the One that could pay the price for all of mankind’s sins. Jesus did pay that price for all of us and if you are feeling a pull on your heart, a tug at your soul that tells you that God wants you, then accepting Jesus as your Savior is the way to salvation. It is the only way to come to know Him and to have the hope of eternal life in Him.


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