You don’t have to be broken!

There are so many stories of famous and not so famous people who have been in broken relationships and broken by drugs or alcohol, with a plethora of different problems being healed and put back together by a relationship with Christ. The good news is that we don’t have to be broken at all to enter into a relationship with Jesus!

It is true, He will take you in whatever condition you may be in but you don’t have to have or be the worst person imaginable for Jesus to be your Savior. It is true that in our society today, regardless of the culture you may have grown up in, there are many broken people and they have been broken by different things. We all have a certain point in our lives where something becomes broken in our emotional or our spiritual life or any area of our lives beyond those two.

Nobody’s life is immune from being “cracked like glass” by something, and we all tend to ignore it to a certain degree unless it is something which can’t be ignored. Many times it is that little tear in the fabric that we forget about, the one that isn’t noticeable by anyone but me or you that can become something bigger than we can handle on our own. This is where Jesus comes into your life, or needs to. Because He is the only person who can actually heal the cracks in your life.

He is the only One that can help you in a situation where you cannot help yourself. We all tend to think that we can fix these problems, but the feelings of being broken and un-fixable can cause us to feel even more broken. Your life feels terrible and it causes depression, anger and pain. The only way to deal with this is to call on the Healer, the One who can take care of the pain. The problem is that we usually won’t admit to needing help, especially His help.

We delude ourselves into thinking that we or our doctors can fix it with a pill or some other treatment. Emotional pain doesn’t get fixed that way, because it goes too deep. Far from being “out of touch”, those who call on Jesus can draw strength and healing from Him and He will heal your pain too. Give Him a chance in your problems and in your cracked areas because He can heal them all and use your life in a way that you never considered at all.

As His disciple and representative to others who are hurting.