Creation, Who did it?

It wasn’t an accident for sure. It did not happen because of random events or because “aliens” seeded our world with life. Regardless of the opinion of those in the scientific community, it is my belief that God Himself did create this universe and everything in it exactly the way it is spelled out in the book of Genesis. I know about the so-called debate that happened between those of opposing viewpoints this week and as scientists try to point to facts that they can hold in their hands, it seems that the evidence points toward their viewpoint.

But, God can create with His Word and He can do so in such a way that the whole universe appears to be older than it is. Remember, if you have read the book of Genesis, that Adam was created from the mud and given the breath of Life from God. It does not say that God spoke him into existence as a baby, he was formed as a full-grown man. When God created the great light to rule the day, it was formed as the sun that we see today.

There can be a debate on these things if you wish, you can dispute them all that you want. I really don’t care if you believe them or not, but God gave the account to Moses to write down and since He doesn’t lie, then it is the truth. Our world was created by God to be the world that He wanted to put us on, to live on, to nurture it and the life that He placed on it. Our responsibility is to seek Him and to do that which we are able to do for Him.

Yes, it is hard or nearly impossible for those who are not Christians to see and understand what God has given us outside the context of the One that has given  us everything  . Think about the gravity that holds the atmosphere here on Earth and the composition of the air that you breathe, all of these were done for life as God created it to be here.

I know that there are those who will dispute this and get all bent out of shape because of the “absolute” beliefs that I have because of my beliefs in God and His Word and that is fine. I have no problem with your opinion of me or my beliefs. The point which I am trying to get across is this: “What if the Bible and all of its claims are true?”; if you discount the possibility of any of it because you don’t want it to be true, then when Jesus comes back to judge the world, where will you be?

It won’t make any difference about the creation of the world if you choose to believe that everything evolved from a cloud of dust and gas into the solar system that we have today. The difference will be in your eternal life if you choose to reject Jesus and His effect on life itself! God loves each sinner in the world and He loved each of us from the beginning enough that He sent Jesus into the world to be the pure sacrifice which paid the price for your life.

Whether you choose to accept it or not is that which determines your eternity! God gives all, even angels, free choice to serve or not. Choose to serve Him and your eternity and the rewards which come with it are certain, choose not to serve Him and the punishment for eternity is also certain, but it is still your choice which determines your place in eternity.


Faith, do you have any?

We are supposed to have faith in God and in His Son, if you are a believer. Those who don’t believe in Him, for whatever reason, don’t have faith in God although they know of Him. Knowing about a person, whether it is a celebrity, a sports figure or an entertainer or God Himself, does not amount to truly knowing that person. Do you know someone in a political office or just know about them? How about those players on the national football or basketball teams, do you know them personally? No, you can quote statistics about their ability to play their respective games but you don’t know them.


That is the difference between knowing about someone and really knowing them. That is why God created the relationship of marriage between a man and a woman, so we can have an idea of what our relationship with Him is supposed to be. Faith in God and in His provisions.

Living as a Christian gives you freedom and it really doesn’t hinder your life. The problem that many people have with it is that they see all of the things that they can’t do after becoming a Christian. Jesus never told anyone that you can’t do this or that, He just told them to go and sin no more. Although it is true that we can’t successfully do that in our own strength, we can with His Spirit living in our hearts. It is a lie that some believe that they can be righteous and holy after becoming a Christian, you can be but not twenty-four hours a day! You will have sinful thoughts, you will say things or think things about someone that are sinful, we are not perfect. We can strive to be perfect in our ways and follow His example, as long as we are truly His and follow Him by reading and learning the wisdom of God from the Bible. Apply this wisdom to your life, your family and your business practices and you are a few steps down the road toward Jesus.

This is the only way to truly belong to Him. If your salvation experience did not bring you to the cross to lay your sins down and walk away from them then you may need to check to see if you are His. God loves you more than you can realize, but if you keep pushing Him away and putting the leading of the Holy Spirit on your heart off, then He may give you over to your sins and to Satan. If God has a purpose for you to fulfill, then He will get your attention and you will come to Him. If you are being stubborn about it, the consequences could be like Job in the Bible, but then again they might not be.

We are not guaranteed our next breath, let alone tomorrow or next week, so putting off God’s call on your life is not a good or wise choice. Give your heart to Him, follow His steps and His purpose for your life. It doesn’t mean that you will be a missionary in some foreign land or a preacher but be willing to be whatever God calls you to be. The rewards may not be such that the world will take notice, but your impact on your world locally could be tremendous and the seeds that you plant may take root in someone’s heart on the other side of the world. God may use t hem to make an even larger impact, but the seed that started it all can come from something as simple as this page, this message. All you have to do is be receptive to the call, the pull of the Holy Spirit in your life and your heart. Let God do the rest.

Do you believe in….

Many people seem to have a stance on faith which says that they either don’t have any at all, which makes them an agnostic or an atheist or they are totally committed to God and try to serve Him to the best of their ability. Then there are those who have other belief systems, which I will not try to name because I would offend someone just because I left their’s out of the list.

The point of this is to say that your beliefs or your lack of belief is your business. It is not mine nor anyone else’s, nor is it my job to try to convert you to my belief system, whether it is Christian or otherwise. Yes, my site is about my own faith in Jesus and I do write to bring the Truth of Jesus and His role in Salvation to the world but I am not such a zealot as to get upset because you may not have the same beliefs that I do.

God loves all of us, each person on the Earth is watched over by Him, yet He doesn’t interfere in your life. He is not going to knock you down just because you did something that He doesn’t agree with. God is not a vengeful, racist and merciless dictator! He is God, the Creator of all and He loves you with all of your quirks and imperfections because He made you that way! God created you as a unique creation, a person which is one-of-a-kind.

There is nothing strange about any one of us, we are all just different. We come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different belief systems and countries and yet we are all human beings and we are loved by God! Doesn’t that make you feel special? The Creator of everything knows you! We are not just random collections of chemicals which happened to form into the shape and abilities that we have because nothing happens by accident or chance. Your life is and always has been mapped out by God, but He doesn’t force you to go in any one direction. He just knows which step you will take because of Who He is! He is outside of time so He can see all of your life and mine.

God has a purpose for each one of us and all we have to do is to get it through our mind and our own stubborn nature that we need to find out what that is and then strive to accomplish it! Your life is in God’s hands and always has been, whether you believe in Him or not. Our purpose cannot be done on our own strength yet we must rely on God and His strength to carry us to the point of completion regardless of the amount of work that it requires.

The work that I am speaking of is the work that God has for us to do. We cannot work our way into heaven on our own merits, the things that we must do because God has done the work to bring us to Himself are the things that He has for us to do for Him.

If you have not given your life and your heart to Jesus and asked Him to come into your life, then please do so. If this has been a thought in your mind even just once, then that is the calling on your life to be a child of God and one who can do whatever you are called to do. Consider this, pray about it even if you have never prayed before to God, He will hear you and will answer you because He loves you.

Think about it.