Too much information

Our world, and our everyday lives are drowning under a tidal wave of information. Some, we don’t truly need and some is just too repulsive to look at or read and yet we see it on the news and television, on the Internet and in our homes. Degradation in the world is rampant and meaninglessness is felt by many who should be too young to feel that way, but they do.

There seems to be a fogginess in our way of thinking and living which clouds people’s minds to what is right and what is wrong. Cults of all kinds are rampant, gangs and drugs assault our young people in grammar school with poisonous teachings and ideas. Paganism is deemed to be acceptable yet Jesus is not. Any religion apart from Christianity is fine and will be allowed in all areas, but don’t you dare mention Jesus or try to tell someone about Him.

The information that is needed in our world is being rejected by most, even in countries which were founded upon Christian principles. Yes, many Americans claim to believe in God but so does Satan! Yet, one out of three is the best you can find who truly claim to be Christians that attend a service once a week, and of those, some statistics show that only one in ten actually practice what they claim to believe.

Information has had a powerful impact on our world, especially in the past twenty years or so. Because of the “world-wide web”, information is available to everyone at any time of the day or night on computers, smart phones and tablets. The biggest problem is that most of the information out there is of the variety that you can’t discuss or show to a mixed crowd. That statement may strike some as odd, but I don’t believe that much of the content out there should be discussed between men and women or especially with your kids.

The “dark side” of the web is or seems to be bigger than the “good side”. It is more prominent, more out there so to speak. Just as the few in the media seem to be louder than the majority, from the gay agenda to the lobbyists who are trying to take our right to keep and bear arms to those who don’t want any religion in America at all, the side of the Internet that is more visible is really visible because people are looking for it.

Just as when you find a treasure of yours, whatever it might be, you didn’t just happen to find it…you were looking for it. That is the way that the information on the Internet works too. You didn’t just “accidentally” run upon that site that had pictures that you wouldn’t show your mother. You didn’t just happen to find the recipe for making a bomb by accident, you were looking for it. When we get into trouble, regardless of the kind of trouble it might be, it is not by accident. We were trying to find something or trying something out that we hadn’t tried before, but it was not an accident.

Just as when you come to the knowledge of Jesus, it wasn’t by accident, it was and is because you were called and chosen by God. You can fight it, you can attempt to run from the knowledge if you wish, but by revelation through a dream or by a visit by an angel or by going to a worship service, you will come to Him once you have felt that call. God knows each of us, intimately, and He knows who will answer the call on their lives and who will not answer immediately. The love and patience that He has is far above what we can exercise ourselves.

The information that is in the Bible is enough to keep you searching and looking for a way to tell others for the rest of your life. That one book is not out-dated or just a collection of stories, but it has been inspired by God’s Spirit and as such it is the Truth. That is why the focus of the entire Bible is the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Believe it, as Satan does, or not…that is your choice, but at least give Jesus a chance to show you Who He is and what He can do in your life. You only have the time allotted to you on Earth, so make sure as soon as you can.


One thought on “Too much information

  1. I get your blog sent to my email when you post, I enjoy your writings. Your last post touched me, and I’ve been praying for you. I believe God is going to restore you and while doing so restore your joy!
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
    Until we meet in Heaven,
    Your sister in Christ, Ruthie

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