Arguing about God’s existence

I was challenged the other day in a way that I, as a pastor, did not understand. It was that I was using “circular reasoning” in my writing. The thing about this is that with circular reasoning you are simply stating a fact twice, once at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph and once at the end and they could both be swapped with no one being able to discern the difference. OK, I concede that writing about God and Jesus and their love for us it circular reasoning. You can interchange God and Jesus in any part of a sermon and you would be saying the same thing. There is nothing wrong with it, regardless of the grammar police and their position on it.

It is a fact, Biblically speaking, that the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are in effect interchangeable. What one of Them can do, all of them can do, separately or together.

The argument from those who choose not to believe in God is that they “want certified proof, something that can be scientifically proven and tested”. How can you test something that is beyond your comprehension? How can you prove something that you can’t touch or feel or smell or taste? Can you prove that love exists? Can you show me a jar with darkness in it? These are things such that cannot be proven, just as God’s presence in our universe cannot be proven by our natural senses, yet He is there.

My faith says that He is there. I don’t need a paper or a proof to show it. What is lacking in the eyes of those that don’t believe is…faith in God. If you don’t have it and He hasn’t called to your heart, then you can’t just decide to get some. It is not something which is in your control, being a Christian today is just like being a disciple when Jesus was beginning His ministry…you have to be chosen first.

I am not saying this to make it seem that Christians are special, but until you feel the call of the Spirit on your life you won’t know that you truly and desperately need Him.

Just as proving God’s existence is futile, your need for Him is there but until you need Him, you won’t seek Him. But when you do seek Him, you will always find Him.


3 thoughts on “Arguing about God’s existence

  1. Great insight here.

    I get accused of circular reasioning all the time too and believe some people refuse to accept that God exists out of stubbornness.

    In the latest conversation I had with a non-believer, he said he didn’t believe becasue Gid didn’t provide good enough evidence and that this waw a failure on the part of God and God’s problem, not his.

    I am never sure quite how to respond to peole that seem to have their minds set on disbelief.

  2. In John 6:65 Jesus Himself says, no one can come to Him , except it be given to Him by The Father.
    An unbeliever can’t believe, it’s not in their heart to understand, until God calls them.
    Our job is to plant the seed to everyone, ( Gods Word) it’s Gods watering that causes it to grow. His calling that changes the stoney heart to a heart of flesh.

  3. Well said. It’s like the oxygen in the air; you can’t see it; you can’t feel it but it is there sustaining you. So it is with God.

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