Science, God, faith, Jesus…can they coexist?

Yes, they can! Our creator intimately and meticulously put your DNA and all of the cells which make up your body together to do mainly one thing, serve Him. Every atom in the universe was created by God. It doesn’t matter if it is in the air which you and I breathe or if it is in a cloud of hydrogen gas light years away from earth. Each being, sentient (meaning us) or instinctual (the animals) was created by Him to serve a purpose in their lives for Him. The animals don’t have a choice in their service, they do what their instinct tells them to do, no questions asked. Humans have a choice to serve or not, to follow Jesus or to follow their own ways and the way the world says is the “right” way because it feels good.

God created all of the laws of physics, thermodynamics, chemical reactions and every other “discovered” law that we have found to be immutable in the way of things and how things work. Light only goes a certain speed, no slower and no faster. There is an absolute temperature at which all molecular motion stops, there is also a temperature at which every nuclear force breaks down and molecules will fly apart. God knows these because He created them to work that way. Our cells were created to work for a certain period of time, although in the beginning we were designed as perfect and would have been immortal had we only obeyed God’s commands.

Science, no matter which one is being discussed, is an extension of the Creator Himself. Every created thing on earth now and in the past was put here by Him for a reason. We cannot know that reason, but it is there nonetheless. God’s will for us is to know Him and to serve Him, not because we are forced to do so but because He loved us enough to create us and to send His Son to die for us as payment for the sin in our lives. We all sin, even though some have covered up their sins or glossed them over with less sinful names. In some cases, our media (news, radio, television) has made us so used to them until we hardly notice them unless we are following Him and our spirit lets us know that what we are seeing or hearing is wrong.

The coexistence of God and science is not something which has to be worked on, it has been happening for hundreds of years. Until the latter part of the 19th century and the 20th century, no scientist questioned how the universe was brought into being. They just wanted to understand His ways and processes in the creation of it all and how things worked. There is nothing wrong with that. But, when your categorically dispute that there is an intelligent designer behind everything that is in the universe, you are denying the existence of God at all levels! God will not be mocked, He knows your heart and your mind more intimately than even you do. Give Him a chance in your life. Read the Bible and pray that He will show Himself to you through it while you read. You will truly be amazed at what and who you will find.  Decolores!

God Loves You!!

It seems that every time I post, the devil himself gets offended. Which is fine with me as long as he leaves my family alone. I know that many people don’t think that the devil or Satan exists but he does. The problems in our country and all around the world attest to that. He has dominion over this world but God has dominion over him. The only way that he can hurt you is if God allows it to happen, if you are a Christian. Otherwise, he can do whatever he wishes until you realize that the only way to protect yourself and your family is to come to Jesus and ask Him into your heart and life.

Now, I am not saying that everything will be perfect after you accept Him but your spiritual life and your physical life will be under His protection from Satan’s influence. And that is always a step in the right direction.

Christ said that when he came into the world it would cause conflict and that we, as Christians, would be hated because the world hated Him first. His love for us is spelled out in the Bible in so many passages that it would be hard to miss.

The Old Testament is usually seen as the history of the nation of Israel and it is to a certain extent but it is also where God shows just how much patience He has. He has far more patience than any human father would and He is our true father since He formed us in the womb.

Our universe was created by God, not some “big bang” or other random events. All of us and every star and galaxy was created by Him as well. The millions of species on this planet were designed by God to do exactly what they do and for the environment in which they live. There isn’t enough time in the universe for all of these things to have happened by “random events” or evolution. God watches over all things that He created whether it happens to be something which He created in His image, like man, or not. You are special to Him because you were and are made in His image and the image of His Son! No one can take that away from you and if you would acknowledge it and accept Him as your Lord and Savior you will feel it! Like a BIG hug from your Dad, even if you never got one of those, that is how it feels when you surrender to Him. Give God a try….you won’t be disappointed!