We can do more for those who hate us, than for those who love us

Our lives are to be used in service to others through our faith in Christ. Our faith in Christ is what gives us the strength and ability to do what needs to be done for God and His kingdom. This is supposed to be the purpose of every Christian on earth.

The people who hate us and ridicule us are those who don’t understand our faith or beliefs. The say that they don’t want what we have and yet, the self-help section in bookstores is overflowing, psychologists are turning away patients, people are taking Prozac and other medications by the handful. Why?

Because they are searching for something to fill the emptiness inside them. It may be drugs or sex or alcohol or many other things that are harmful to them as a person, but they will turn to something, anything! Especially when they don’t know what it is that they are looking for.

Most self-help books just re-package the same themes which are found in the Bible. They take the “religious words” out to make it easier for non-Christians to incorporate it into their lives but if you take them and compare them to an English Standard Version of the Bible they sound almost identical.

People hate to hear the words which I have penned here, especially those in the tech-industry. I have noticed that if you mention God or the Bible or Christ around people who are “geeks”, you will be almost “run out of town” and “hung by the neck until dead”. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about software for a Church or for Bible study.

God created us and gave us the knowledge to create the computer and the software which runs it. It doesn’t matter who or why they say they did it. God has always been in control of everything that happens past, present and future.  The technology which runs almost everything today is not new to God. He knew about the Internet long before it came into existence. Give Him a chance in your life. Listen to the Word in the Bible. Pick one up in a bookstore and read a little, it won’t hurt. You might find something that you have been searching for all of your life, but you will never know if you don’t at least try it. He is waiting. He loves you regardless of who you are or what you have done.

God can do more with you than you can

Like a potter, God can mold you to be more of Him and His likeness. I was at a revival last night and the image of a potter with an old pot came to me. It was broken, chipped, with some holes in it. The potter sat down at His wheel, brought out just enough water to dampen the clay and make it pliable again and began to work. The process was not a quick fix and it took a while but eventually a new pot emerged from the old. This one was better suited for the task that the potter had in mind. This one had a large handle which would give him a better hold on it. It also had a larger portion in which to pour the Spirit which would fill it and allow more of Him to be poured out to others. The mouth of the pot was large so that as the Spirit was being poured out more could get in and make it an endless stream coming from Him.

This is the way that God wants us to be. Useful to Him as vessels into which He can pour the essence of who He is so that we can pour Him out to the world which desperately needs Him. If there is a void in your life, allow God to fill it! You will be amazed at how much of Him can fit in there and how much more will fit as well. Our lives could be so much more rewarding because of Him and what He can do for you and through you! Please, give Him a chance. Read only one book in the Bible with prayer, specifically Romans. He will work a true miracle in your life and through you to others. Be bold for Him and there is no way He will allow you to fail in His will for your life.

God truly loves you!

How any one can possibly think that the creator of the universe could be a vengeful and unloving God I just don’t know. He is the one who formed you in the womb from the genetic material of your mother and father. A creator who can do that for every living person has to love His creation! He already knows what color your eyes will be and your hair color too. He knows what you will look like and what your personality will be and even how you will respond to Him and His call on your life.

Our world and the solar system it resides in did not happen by chance, or cosmic accident or any of the other scientifically explainable way, it was created by God. Whether people choose to believe that or not is irrelevant. His word says it and I believe it. I know all about the “discovery channel” and it’s so-called explanation for things as well as the “history” channel but they are both influenced by educators who likely don’t believe in God or want proof of His existence. The proof is that we are here!

There are too many variables which have to be perfect just for our existence to continue and chances or so-called “evolution” just doesn’t produce such perfection. It would take a perfect being to cause us and our world to work in such a fashion and other than God and Jesus, I don’t know of any. God’s love for us allows us to live each and every day so that when we realize who it is that is giving us life, we will respond and accept Him as our savior.

God loves us all, this is true and He wants us to know it without any doubt. The conditions for our life on earth are just too exacting for it to have happened by chance and God did that for His creation, us! If there were any way that we could create life we would have done it by now, but He is the only creator, anything that we could do would be a very poor imitation and not viable either. God’s love for us is boundless and He has immense amounts of patience but eventually the last person that will accept Him is going to and then the trump will sound! It could be tomorrow, it could be fifty years from now but I believe it will be in my lifetime and I am already near the half-century point. Be ready and willing to accept Him soon or you may regret your decision for eternity.

Olympic sized faith!

I have been reading the autobiography of Dr. Billy Graham and his testimony of the power of God is truly Olympic in proportion! I have had God answer my prayers many times too, but never in proportion to what Dr. Graham had to happen when he was conducting a crusade in Los Angeles. God truly is awesome!!

He has to be, He is the Creator of the Universe and everything in it! There is nothing too small or too big for Him to take care of or to create whenever He chooses to do so.