An image of Jesus


Our image of Jesus is distorted from the way painters have portrayed Him as a weak, feminine type of man. In the time that He lived, and the vocation that He worked with His earthly father as a carpenter, weakness was not an option. A carpenter had to lift wooden doors, chairs, beams, and whatever else without a whole lot of help except for his muscles. The image that I have of Jesus shows a kind, gentle man but one with strength, not only from His spirit but from the work that He did before He started His ministry on earth.

Our Lord loved all of us and still does with a love that cannot be understood by today’s culture. He truly was and is the Messiah, the Savior of us all, not just some prophet whose body was hidden after He was crucified. One day He will come back and all will see who the Prince of Peace and the King of kings really is. On that day every knee will bow to Him and those who accepted Him in life will go on to their reward for eternity. Those who did not accept Him and His message, will be cast into the lake of fire and eternal punishment which was meant only for Satan and his minions.

Please, regardless of what you think of my site or its message, read the Bible. Pray that Jesus will forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. The smallest sin, like telling a lie to someone or even the sin of being a murderer or even a rapist are all equal in God’s sight. The only sin which will send anyone to hell is that of rejecting Jesus and His gift of forgiveness, that’s it! The love of Christ to you all and His peace too.

Who do you see in your mirror?

I look and try not to see too much but mostly I see a middle-aged man who looks tired most of the time. I don’t see much past that and I am sure that most other people don’t either. No one seems to notice each other anymore, nor do they seem to care. Our society has become the most jaded and desensitized of any in human history due to the twenty-four hour news channels and the Internet. We see and hear and read about news and suffering all the time and none of it bothers us much anymore. It is an appalling situation but it was prophesied in the Bible that at the end knowledge would increase meaning the amount and availability and our use of it not that we would be better at using it.


This is a very compelling video that needs to be listened to and taken to heart for your very lives:


If you can see in the mirror that Christ is part of your life and your heart, you are truly blessed. If not, I suggest that you get yourself right with God before it is too late.

Will our religious freedom be taken?

I have heard about a disturbing trend in our nation. A trend in our lawmaking bodies to restrict religion and the expression of it. Not restricting most religions but mainly Christian religions, especially those which believe the Bible to be the word of God infallible and true. Evangelical churches and pastors and some of the media have reported that there are laws being put into place which could make it illegal to tell others about Christ because it is considered “hate speech”. This picture from many years ago illustrates what could be done and may be done in our country if our lawmakers are not made aware that this cannot be tolerated. Our country was founded to be a country ruled by the people not dictated to by politicians or judges.

TheEnemy If our country falls into this trap with laws that limit or take away the freedoms that have been fought for since our country was started, we truly deserve the fate that befalls us. This is very disturbing and I pray that we will not allow our elected officials to destroy the country that we live in. If that is the will of God, it will happen. Although I hope that it is not.

In the book of Revelation it is foretold that there will be a falling away by the church and society from religion and from God before the end comes. I believe that this is about to happen or is happening now. Although it is a sad situation when people are walking away from God who loves them and always has. I heard about a friend of mine who died due to complications from diabetes this past week, he was only in his early forties. I pray that he had time to truly come to grips with the fact that God loved him and accept Jesus.

Jesus loves all of us regardless of our sins or whether we have yet accepted him or not. If you have not, think about it. Your time is not guaranteed here, no matter how young or old you may be. God knows exactly when He will call you home, but you don’t. Don’t wait, ask Jesus into your heart today. You won’t ever regret it.

Is anyone satisfied with life? Really?

In our world of instant potatoes, microwave popcorn, throw-away phones, etc. is it any wonder that we aren’t satisfied with life? Everything is easy, quick, “cheap”. Nothing lasts as long as we would like or feels as good as we had hoped. We are depressed, disillusioned and most of all angry at everyone and everything because nothing, nothing ever satisfies our hunger or our thirst for whatever it is we are searching for, no matter what it may be!

Boy, am I glad I got all of that off my chest!!

Your life doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to have everything instantly. Things that last are much more precious and harder to come by than the advertisements lead you to believe. Although the most precious and lasting relationship can last forever, most never realize it until it is too late. They find they have picked the wrong one and by that time there is no turning back. Or possibly, you might not wake up at all tomorrow. What then?

Will you find yourself facing God and not having an answer to His question, “What did you do with my Son?” Do you know who His Son is? Have you met Him? It really is easy you know? If you have been searching for something, but you are not sure what, it may be that you are truly being drawn to Him. Listen to that voice inside which is pulling on your heart. God is the creator and He loves His creation, you! Let Him into your life!  He can clean out the dirt, the cobwebs, and everything else that you think would make you un-worthy and make you whole and new again!

Call on Him!  Ask Jesus into your heart, simply, like a child. He will hear you and come into your life and make you and your life whole again, if you will let Him. That is all that He asks of you. Just give your life to Him. He doesn’t need your money, just your service to Him and His Kingdom.

Telling people about Jesus, should we do that today?

Jesus said before He went back to the Father, “Go and tell others” (paraphrased). Are we doing that? How are we doing that? Do you live according to principles that you have learned in church or from the Bible? Does your life reflect Him or does it reflect your interests and your life instead?

If you are a Christian reading this, do you tell people about your faith and why you have it? Our life, on a daily basis, should be a witness to Him and should reflect what Jesus taught His disciples while He was here. Those principles and teachings haven’t changed. The world has changed, people have changed, politics and governments have changed dramatically but God’s Word and the teachings in it have not changed.

Living according to those teachings is not easy now nor was it easy at the time Christ taught His disciples. The laws of God are still relevant today just as they were when God gave those laws to Moses before the Torah was written. Living according to those precepts has never been easy but with faith it can be done. Not in our own strength but with strength from Him.

If you are searching for answers to questions that have been bugging you, the answers you seek are in the Bible. I don’t know where to tell you to look, but there are many answers in God’s Word to any or all of life’s questions. There are some Bibles today which have topical indexes in them which will guide you to the place you may need to go.

God wants to know you from your side, He already knows you from the inside out. Once you give your heart to Him and begin living according to His principles, He will get to know you even more personally. He will be your true Father. He did form you in the womb you know! Read Romans chapter 8 and following. When you finish with it, pray for understanding and that He will reveal Himself to you even further.

Our Creator loves us all and He knows exactly when and where you are at all times in your life. The only separation that is between you and Him is YOU! Give God a call. The minutes are free and unlimited and they never expire.

Ain’t God Good!!

Our lives would not be worth much if it weren’t for Him and the grace that He gives us each day. He gives us the grace and strength to get up each morning, the air we breathe throughout the day, our minds and our health to serve Him in whatever job we have and the grace to know when we have messed up so we can confess it and leave it with Him.

God loves us all, not just the ones who serve Him willingly. He created every living being on this planet but he gave us humans the ability to know Him and that is very special. Our lives are special to Him because He created each of us and knew us before we were even born!

Our experiences in this life, good or bad, are our own doing. He doesn’t cause us to fail or stumble, we do. Even in our Christian walk with Him there are going to be days that are tougher to stay focused on Him and His purpose for us. Our enemy in this world is satanic in nature but it is everything that can draw us or our attention away from God.

Truly, that is a lot of STUFF!! But with His strength and guidance, as long as we persevere in our walk with Him daily, we can be overcomers and bring Jesus and His love to the world. Not in a “holier than thou” attitude, but by loving those who would otherwise not be loved or not see or feel loved. In 1 Corinthians it says that all the gifts in the world are useless if we don’t have love to back them up and that is the truth.

Ain’t God Good!!

How will anyone know?

How could someone who doesn’t know you, figure out that you are a Christian? Could they hear it when you talk to them? Could they see it by what you do every day at school or at work? Do you take Christ with you everywhere you go or do you leave Him and your faith at church when you go home?

We are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ in our daily lives. Do you know anyone who does this? If you do, how do they show it? By their words and deeds on a daily basis or just by going to church on Sunday?

Anyone can be religious about anything. They can religiously go fishing on Saturdays, they can be religious about watching TV every night or about how they comb their hair. Being religious about something is just making it a habit it doesn’t show your faith in anything. People who didn’t hear Jesus preach could watch Him and see what He did. They could tell that He had a faith and a purpose beyond this life and the day to day things that everyone else did. That is exactly what we are supposed to show the world. That our life is not based on our work schedule or when soccer practice is or when the big game is or who is winning the World Series this year, if you are a child of God through Christ!

The everyday stuff that we have to put up with while we are here is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. What will it matter in a thousand years how big your house is? In ten thousand years will anyone care what kind of car you drove while you were alive or even how much money and investments you had? NO!!! There won’t be any evidence that any of that ever existed by that time. Our life is only a few moments compared to that amount of time and if you stretch it out to a million or a billion years……? God loves all of us and he gave us a reason to be where we are. If you truly want to follow Him or are just curious, read the Bible! Especially the book of Romans. The way to salvation is in it from start to finish.

God doesn’t leave us alone, ever! No matter how far you think you have gone or what bad things you have done, He still loves you. It is simple to accept Him and His way if you will just trust in Jesus. He doesn’t require you to jump through hoops or anything like that. What He does require is faith in Jesus and the willingness to follow His way of life on a daily basis, giving up your sinful ways and so-called “friends”.

The time we have here is important

It is important to us, to our families and to God. Our lives are and always have been important to Him. If many of you would listen and check out His word, the Bible, you would see this is true. 

Psalms 118: 8  It is better to trust in the Lord than to put your confidence in people.

The Lord of Hosts and the Creator of the Universe loves all of His creation, especially us! He created us in His image, all of us! It is about time that we realized this. The word of God is full of passages which point to this out in detail.

We were put here to serve Him and His purposes on earth. Many people are confused about what this means. The Bible tells us if we only take the time to come to Him and pray about it while we study His word. He will reveal exactly what we are to do for Him and how to do it. The Bible is the only Living Word of God. It was sent to us to guide us and reveal to us what our purpose on earth is. Jesus was and is the Living Word and is manifested in the world now as the Bible itself. He is the Son of God and the savior of the world.

Give your life to Him and  live fully dedicated to Him and you will never regret it. He can and will reward you with more than you could ever hope for…. a life that will never end and more satisfaction in your life here than you can get from the world.

At least half of every person belongs to……..?

Some more than others are controlled by their own lusts, pride, ambition or ego. There was a country song back in 1995 called “Cain’s Blood”. I don’t know if it ever became very popular but it describes the human condition perfectly. On one side is our conscience telling us that we shouldn’t be doing something we know is wrong and on the other is “Cain’s blood” , or the bad side of us, telling us to go ahead if it feels good.

There are many temptations in our world and for many people there is no way out, as far as they know. The way out is there, you just have to ask for it. Jesus provides the way and the Bible is the instruction book. It has always been there throughout history. Some people find it and embrace it, others know it is there but take a long time to embrace it. There are some people who reject it completely and want no part in any church or service to Him.

Those teachings come from God because the Bible is His word written by human hands by the prompting of His Spirit. God has led me to write this blog, although some people may not agree with nor believe that. I have never been a “writer” for most of my life until a few months ago when I started this. Now, I can’t stop writing!

Each person has the choice to make in their life which side they will follow. Nothing is ever forced on anyone regarding your spiritual condition. God left it up to us to decide. If we choose to follow Him and His Son, Jesus, we will have eternal life with Him in Heaven. If not, we will still have eternal life but it will be in torment because of the decision that we made not to follow Him. It won’t be because of anything that we did in our life here on earth. Paul was a persecutor of the early church and stood by while Stephen was stoned to death for doing nothing more than preaching about the risen Christ. So the most prolific writer of the New Testament was a murderer, and yet Jesus saw much more in him.

Your life doesn’t have to be just your job or where you live. It can be your service to Him! I would rather go into Heaven and hear the words from my Lord, “Well done good and faithful servant” than to have a billion dollars on earth. I still live in a “trashy trailer” and have all of my life. I am not ashamed of it. I would like to have a “real” house but that is not what a home is. Home is where you are loved and accepted and can enjoy being with your family in reasonable comfort. It doesn’t have to be anything more than that.  My real home is where Jesus is and I am looking forward to getting to see Him.

How can I go on?

There are many people who may be asking this question right now. What kind of advice would you give? What would you say to someone who is hurting from a loss of a family member? Or even the loss of a job?

I don’t want to give some trite words about the love of God or that the answer can be found in the Bible although both of those do apply and are true. The words that many people need to hear is that God does love you!

I know that I said I didn’t want to give that as advice but it is the truth. The only way to see these as the truth that they are is to look around the creation of God and notice the order and perfection that is there. This cannot happen because of a big bang! We did not “evolve” from chimpanzee’s or from some primordial ooze or from one-celled organisms!

God created the world in six days! I know that is something that most scientists don’t believe but with God, anything is possible! That is another one of those things that you hear that many people don’t want to hear, especially during times of loss and grief. This is the very news that everyone needs to hear!

Our lives are the miracles that everyone expects to see, although most people don’t think of our lives that way. If God decided that He wanted to remake the world today, that would be the end of it all. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that we live because of the love and grace that He extends to us every second of our lives!

We go on because He wants us to go on with our lives. To be His creation is the ultimate joy for me because He created me and every person, every creature on this planet to serve His purpose! This is something that we all need to understand, God put us where we are at this point in time to do His will. If you don’t know or understand that, get a Bible and read it! His will for everyone, no matter where you are or what your “religion” happens to be is in that book.

He gave us the freedom to choose our way and unfortunately many don’t follow Jesus or the Bible or any of the teachings that are in it. God knows you and your decision, even before you make it. He knows this because He created you! Give Him your life, come to Him with your feelings, your problems, your grief. He knows about it already, He is just waiting for you to call Him and His phone is always on and always available. He is by your side no matter where you are or what situation you may be in. He loves you and cares for you like no one else can, give Him the chance to prove His love and you will never be disappointed and alone again!