Standing accused before a Judge

Standing before the Judge and about to be sentenced for a serious crime, how would you feel? What could you say in your defense that would make a difference? Anything?

“I have given ten percent to my church all of my adult life”; “I have always helped out during Christmas at the homeless shelter”; “I gave over a million dollars to the relief of hunger in Israel”:  Would any of these wonderful humanitarian acts mean anything in relation to the crimes you are convicted of? Have you forgotten anything?

Just before the Judge sentences you, a Man steps forward and tells the Judge, “I know he is guilty but I will pay for his crimes. I will take the punishment for him. Let him go free!”  What kind of person would do such a thing? Why?

The answer lies in a simple but profound word, love.  We are not wrongly accused at all. All of humanity has fallen short in that we cannot be good enough on our own. I know the One who would take and has taken the punishment for all of our sins, do you? The Man who stepped forward is Jesus and the one accused could be any of us. Our own humanitarian acts and good deeds in this life are not good enough to get us into heaven. We can’t be good enough because without Jesus, we are just as guilty of rejecting God’s gift of salvation as Lucifer and the other angels are of rebellion.

Our lives and the good works which we may do are gifts from God and yet the only way to heaven is through the blood of Jesus that was shed for our sins long before we were born. God cares for all of us, Jew and Gentile, but if we choose to live our lives our way instead of giving our life to Him through Jesus then it is our decision that condemns us not Him. It is a hard concept to accept from our limited point of view and it seems too easy, but that is why God gives us the choice and the ability to choose.

Give serious consideration to the message here and those found in the Bible because it is important! Your life here and in the hereafter will be greatly affected by your decision, so choose carefully. Regardless of the rhetoric out there regarding life or the lack of it after you die, wouldn’t you rather choose Jesus and His gift and find out that the Bible is true, than to choose not to believe and still find out that the Bible is true? One choice leads to life forever and the other leads to  eternal punishment for the simple act of refusing to believe.

An image of Jesus


Our image of Jesus is distorted from the way painters have portrayed Him as a weak, feminine type of man. In the time that He lived, and the vocation that He worked with His earthly father as a carpenter, weakness was not an option. A carpenter had to lift wooden doors, chairs, beams, and whatever else without a whole lot of help except for his muscles. The image that I have of Jesus shows a kind, gentle man but one with strength, not only from His spirit but from the work that He did before He started His ministry on earth.

Our Lord loved all of us and still does with a love that cannot be understood by today’s culture. He truly was and is the Messiah, the Savior of us all, not just some prophet whose body was hidden after He was crucified. One day He will come back and all will see who the Prince of Peace and the King of kings really is. On that day every knee will bow to Him and those who accepted Him in life will go on to their reward for eternity. Those who did not accept Him and His message, will be cast into the lake of fire and eternal punishment which was meant only for Satan and his minions.

Please, regardless of what you think of my site or its message, read the Bible. Pray that Jesus will forgive you of your sins and come into your heart and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. The smallest sin, like telling a lie to someone or even the sin of being a murderer or even a rapist are all equal in God’s sight. The only sin which will send anyone to hell is that of rejecting Jesus and His gift of forgiveness, that’s it! The love of Christ to you all and His peace too.

Our world, a beautiful blue jewel

In the beginning God created this world to be perfect and it was for a time. Then sin entered the world and everything started dying, not just mankind. We were created to be sinless beings to have communion with God anytime He wished it or anytime we wished to contact Him. This condition will be restored to us when the New Earth comes down after the reign of Christ on the Earth during the millennium after the Tribulation and the binding of Satan. Our lives will not be as “angels” strumming harps and singing praises to God for eternity, although we will do that at times. We will never be made as angels, we will be restored to fellowship with God as it was meant to be from the beginning.


I have heard many people say that they would rather be in hell than in Heaven. They don’t know what they are saying or what awaits them. The eternity that will be spent in hell will be torture and painful. It will not be, as some believe, an eternal party. You will not know joy or peace though you will remember them. It will be unbearably hot but with an immortal body you will not die, although you will wish for death. This will come upon all of those who have rejected Christ and His grace. A very simple act of accepting Jesus as your savior is all that you have to do escape an eternity of punishment.

We were not created to be punished in hell, it was created to punish Satan and those who followed him. The only reason any human will be there will be because of their rejection of Jesus and His gift of Grace. That is it! No other sin will send you there although you will pay for the ones you committed since they won’t be covered by His blood and His sacrifice. Please, ask Jesus to come into your life and heart today and start living a life of service to Him. It is such a small price to pay for an eternity since He paid the ultimate price to redeem you.

Who do you see in your mirror?

I look and try not to see too much but mostly I see a middle-aged man who looks tired most of the time. I don’t see much past that and I am sure that most other people don’t either. No one seems to notice each other anymore, nor do they seem to care. Our society has become the most jaded and desensitized of any in human history due to the twenty-four hour news channels and the Internet. We see and hear and read about news and suffering all the time and none of it bothers us much anymore. It is an appalling situation but it was prophesied in the Bible that at the end knowledge would increase meaning the amount and availability and our use of it not that we would be better at using it.


This is a very compelling video that needs to be listened to and taken to heart for your very lives:


If you can see in the mirror that Christ is part of your life and your heart, you are truly blessed. If not, I suggest that you get yourself right with God before it is too late.

Economics, God’s Way

Use what you have when you have it. Don’t expect it to be given to you, it must be earned or bought with your own resources.


These two principles, coupled with prayer and hard work and reverence for God’s way of doing things not man’s, are the only rational way to get our country and its economy back on track. Having said this, I do realize that these would not be very popular. But, there are many things which are good for you that are not popular although they are necessary.

God loves all of humanity, not just one particular group. When people realize that fact, they will either move toward a revival of their faith in Him or they will move away from Him. Being a Christian does not have a “gray” area. You either are or you are not. You either believe in Jesus and what He did for all of us or you don’t. Some people look at this as being too rigid or restrictive but it isn’t.

God has certain and specific ways and we have to accept Him and His grace toward us the way it is given. He doesn’t have to change and He won’t, but you do!  If you are to follow Him, you must! Regardless of what you may have heard, we do have an immortal soul which will live forever. We do not “come back” as anything or anyone. We don’t go into oblivion and nothing after we die physically.

The part of us that God placed in each of us, our soul, lives on in eternity. We don’t come back here to start over nor do we come back as something else. Who would want to! One trip through this life is enough so make it the best that you can! Serve Jesus now so you can be His servant later in Heaven!  I know that there are many who don’t like the idea of being a servant or slave but do you really want to spend eternity in punishment? That is what will be waiting for you if you don’t accept Jesus. It is not God or Jesus who puts you into hell, it will be your decision alone.  Don’t wait until it is too late!


Serving God may not pay much here on earth, but the retirement after this life is out of this world! Give God a chance in your life, you will never regret it!


John 3:16; Romans 8:23 Read and pray about these two scriptures. You will be glad that you did.

A refute of Wicca

Below is a copy of the Wicca creed as described on their website. It is included so that anyone who reads this will know that I am speaking against the beliefs of the Wicca “church”. This is not an endorsement of their belief. It is my testimony to the Creator of the universe, God .

Not until recently have so many different religions been practiced side-by-side, and never before have the teachings of all religions been so easily accessed through the Web and mass media. However, if you look at the recently released American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS), the trend is that the percentage of Christians in America is shrinking and the percentage of those with no religious belief at all is growing. Even the pagan religion of “The Craft” or Wicca is growing, especially among young people

Deity: In the center of everything is the Goddess (This is our shorthand for the deity construct and should not be mistaken to mean a specifically female or male deity construct.). Like Gravity, Goddess is impersonal. It treats everyone alike. It transcends gender and human emotions. Certain ideas cluster around the Deity. We, here, are syncretic monotheists.
Reincarnation: We define Reincarnation as an orderly system of learning through which a being progresses. This is not a tally of "sins" and punishments, nor is it a tally of good deeds. Compare human experiences to academic term papers, eg. a way of learning and improving.
Law of Attraction: What I do to other living creatures, I will draw to myself. Shakespeare called this Measure for Measure. It can also be expressed as "birds of a feather flock together." We do not, however, ascribe to the commonly called Law of Three where what I do comes back to me three times. We have had too much science in our backgrounds as one might think every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The "Law of Three" that is so commonly touted, as a possible punishment when you are seen to be doing "bad" follows this concept: When you point your finger at another in judgment, anger, etc., you have three fingers pointing back at you. Where is the opportunity for spiritual growth? Your judgment of the person you are pointing one finger at? Or in reflecting upon the three fingers pointing back at you? Worth a moment to consider, eh?
Power Through Knowledge: Power (energy) resides within each living creature. One can learn how to direct power. Whether energy or power feels "good" or "evil" depends upon the sender’s intention. In our more enlightened times (remember these tenets have been with us for many, many years), we like to say that this also means self-empowerment through knowledge. The place to grow and learn is, again, within you. The more wisdom you gain, the more you will find self-empowerment.
Harmony: One can perceive rhythms in the patterns of the sun, moon, and seasons. It makes sense to learn those rhythms and to live in harmony with them. This can balance out our lives and help us identify one’s personal sense of harmony. Harmony and balance encourage to neither be too good nor too bad, but to find the balance in our lives.

In a country which was founded because of people seeking religious freedom, the fact that there are so many religions here is not surprising. But, the evangelical past of our nation should have shown many the way of their belief should be in the direction of Christianity and not the way that our young people seem to be going.

I suppose that this is the result of Darwinian teaching in schools and the removal of prayer and God and creation from the textbooks. The study of Wicca or “The Craft” is disturbing. It is a neo-pagan, earth-centered religion based on the teachings and practice of the English Wiccan, Gerald Gardner (1884-1964). Today it is experiencing a dramatic growth due to teens rejecting Christian paternalism, homophobia and perceived insensitivity to the environment.

Wicca holds that all reality is divine. Therefore, they revere the natural world as a living organism, and they revere people as “gods” and “goddesses.” It is a distinctly feminist form of paganism and Wiccans often consider the supreme deity to be a “nature goddess”. This is a “religion” which has been brought about simply by Satan. I am not saying that they are worshiping him but he instigated this religion to draw people away from God, period. As long as people are taken in by this and other religions like it, they will not look for the one true God.

Our time, the time of the church, is coming to an end. This world will be judged by its Creator whether they like it or not. God will not be mocked nor will He be ignored. Look to Revelation in the Bible. Read and study it and ask questions of a credible, Christian pastor. Jesus came to the world to save it and He did this by taking all of our sins on Himself at the cross. All that remains is your acceptance of that gift by asking Him into your life and believing that He was and is the Son of God. Please do this before it is too late.

Division is great in math class but not in the Church

In the past one hundred years the Church has been divided so many times that it is nearly unrecognizable today. Christians, regardless of denomination, have become too permissive and meek. We allow people to run over us and around us in the guise of being “politically correct and inoffensive”.

Jesus said that He came to put friends and family against each other because of Him and His teachings. We are not to be so meek that we are run over by every religion that claims the title of religion. Just because Jesus said that the “meek shall inherit the earth” doesn’t mean that we take it to an extreme!

I am sure that there are some real Christians in our world today that could be called friends of God but they are so few in number that they would not fill the sanctuary of a small church!

Our life is to be in service to Him regardless of the occupation that we have and being divided in doctrine or belief in the authenticity of the Bible is not the way to do it. There is no middle ground of service you are either serving God or Satan, you cannot serve both.

The Bible is the true and inspired word of our Creator! Those who disagree with this are challenged herewith to find at least 66 authors from all different walks of life. Without telling them what to write about other than to say that they must all be in agreement and have their stories point to one truth alone, have them to write a coherent book which will rival the Bible. Even if our lives were un-naturally long, there would be no possibility of this book ever being published in a coherent form within the next one thousand years!

The Bible spans about fourteen hundred years and tells of history back to the beginning of the earth and yet the story points to one Savior, Christ, who will fulfill all of the prophecies in Himself and through His ministry and His death and resurrection will be the salvation for all of mankind who have been called by God.

Is Your life in need of something?

Today is a very somber day in our history because of what happened eight years ago today.  Our perception of the world and our safety in it changed dramatically on this day eight years ago and I pray that we will not forget what we have learned from it. When we don’t pay attention to the little things, bigger problems will arise.  Sometimes our everyday lives are like that. Little things like taking an aspirin or eating certain fruits or vegetables can have an enormous impact on your health years after your mother tells you that you need to do these things. Your spiritual life is the same way, and the Bible tells us exactly what we should do and how to do it to keep our relationship with God alive and fresh. If you don’t follow those instructions though, that relationship won’t be what it could be.

He wants that relationship with you because He created all of us. Not only us but the entire universe all the way from the largest galaxies and stars to the smallest atomic particles. He knows exactly how many hairs are on your head and on your body. God knows how you will answer a question before you answer it and what consequences will arise from that answer. Your life and what you do with it cannot be hidden from God regardless of what you do or where you go. It doesn’t matter who you are because God doesn’t respect your standing here on earth, He only respects the decision that you make regarding His position in your life and your heart. Some would say that what I just said is wrong and that Jesus is the answer. He is, but He is also part of God too. What you decide to do with God is the same as what you do with Jesus. Jesus came to pay the penalty for all of our sins and He did so all you have to do is accept His gift of grace and forgiveness into your heart and you will be changed. The old, sinful life that you were drawn to will pass away and everything will be new.

Believe me, if He can create the universe in six days, changing your life isn’t hard to do. He will change your heart and your perspective toward life and serving Him and your life will be totally different from that moment on. The life that we live before He comes into our heart is in total opposition to Him. Afterward, you may still have problems and sinful thoughts which come back from time to time, but He will give you the spiritual strength to withstand those temptations if you will let Him. Your life is not without purpose because He gives you a purpose, to serve Him. When He calls you and you answer, your purpose in life is to serve Him wherever you may be. Regardless of title, position or rank to the world. You are a child of the Living God and the Creator of the Universe and have been called to be His servant no matter what. That position is above all others and supersedes all others . Of course, you can serve Him by doing your daily job as well and representing Him in everything that you do.

So much to do, so little time

In our lifetimes there have been many changes. There is the Internet, cell phones, Blackberrys, iPhones, PSP’s, the list goes on and on. Electronic media has taken over much of our lives in such a way that it has created medical problems for many people. Progress in some ways is good but too much “progress” is not. Our lives were not made to revolve around “things”, we were created to pay attention to our Creator and serve Him.

In the world today are so many distractions and temptations that it is hard for “connected Christians” to keep up with everything. If we allow too much of the connected world into our lives our connection to God will be clouded over and lose some of its clarity. I am not saying that God would cut the connection, but our attention will not be focused on Him enough because of the other “stuff” getting in the way.

Our lives have been given to us to spread the Good News of Jesus and His love of all. That is the commandment that was given to His disciples and to all who became followers of Him. Our lives have far more meaning in service to Him than they ever would or could if we were lost and not serving Him. I know there are some who do not know Jesus or have a realtionship with Him but if you would give Him a try, reading the Bible with an open mind and heart, your life and the lives of those around you would be truly blessed.

Something died in me

I was prompted this morning to write about, of all things, death!  I have never experienced the death of a sister or brother through war or by evil things that men do or even by accidents, but the feelings of betrayal and loss are the same. I have a half-brother and sister and I was very worried when she was serving in the Army because she spent most of her five year enlistment in Europe and some in Iraq. God answered my prayers and protected her, somehow as only He can do.

There are many people who have lost loved ones to the evil and hateful ways of men and I am sure that they question God’s love and His divine love when things go terribly wrong. He is still there and He does care. In fact, He will avenge their deaths in ways that we cannot possibly imagine. “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.”

The first death that I experienced was the death of my marriage, then my grandmother and finally my mother, grandfather, and my Dad. A few years later, my mother-in-law, my son’s grandmother, died. I was questioning, searching for the answer when I came to realize that He had a plan in all of this. I did not like nor enjoy how His plan for my life worked out but after a while of prayer and crying out to Him, I came to know Him better than I ever had before. I know that death is something that we all have to come to grips with at some point in our lives, and it is not a pleasant part of life at all but it is necessary. Even the loss of someone by gun or by an accident on the highway or even by drugs is not overlooked by God. He knows when your life will end and how, unfortunately He can’t prepare our family or us for it unless we let Him.

I wasn’t ready for any of the deaths which occurred in my life, but He knew that unless I experienced them I would never grow into the person that He intended for me to be. I know, that seems to be a cruel way to cause someone to “grow-up” but even in the Bible there are times when people would die so that a new leader would be brought into their place.

Bitterness, anger, frustration, feelings of resentment, loneliness, grief, frustration….these are all feelings that we experience when someone dies before their time or before we are ready. God knows and cares about all of us and for those who were Christians, He was there to greet them when they came into His presence. The sad truth is that many people die not knowing Him, but sometimes this is the only way to get another member of the family to come to Him and God knows that. It is not pleasant and it is never easy on the family regardless of how the person died.

God loves you! Give Him a chance to show it by coming to Him and crying to Him about your hurt and your anger. The only way that these feelings will be helpful to you is if you let Jesus heal the damage they have caused in your life. There is no way to bring back the people we have lost except through our memories of them, but those memories can be much sweeter if we will talk with the One who can help. The only One who can truly help spiritually, emotionally and eternally. Give Him the chance to show just how much He cares and you will be amazed.