Our world, a beautiful blue jewel

In the beginning God created this world to be perfect and it was for a time. Then sin entered the world and everything started dying, not just mankind. We were created to be sinless beings to have communion with God anytime He wished it or anytime we wished to contact Him. This condition will be restored to us when the New Earth comes down after the reign of Christ on the Earth during the millennium after the Tribulation and the binding of Satan. Our lives will not be as “angels” strumming harps and singing praises to God for eternity, although we will do that at times. We will never be made as angels, we will be restored to fellowship with God as it was meant to be from the beginning.


I have heard many people say that they would rather be in hell than in Heaven. They don’t know what they are saying or what awaits them. The eternity that will be spent in hell will be torture and painful. It will not be, as some believe, an eternal party. You will not know joy or peace though you will remember them. It will be unbearably hot but with an immortal body you will not die, although you will wish for death. This will come upon all of those who have rejected Christ and His grace. A very simple act of accepting Jesus as your savior is all that you have to do escape an eternity of punishment.

We were not created to be punished in hell, it was created to punish Satan and those who followed him. The only reason any human will be there will be because of their rejection of Jesus and His gift of Grace. That is it! No other sin will send you there although you will pay for the ones you committed since they won’t be covered by His blood and His sacrifice. Please, ask Jesus to come into your life and heart today and start living a life of service to Him. It is such a small price to pay for an eternity since He paid the ultimate price to redeem you.

What can I do with my life?

I have wondered that for most of my life. The answer to such a question is not easy to come to whoever asks it regardless of age, religion, or sexual preference. When we try to find our purpose in life we are usually searching for things that we like to do or places we would like to visit or even people we would like to be with. Most of our lives on earth, we are concerned more with “mine, me, or I”. It is a rare individual who is more concerned with others than themselves.

We cannot do anything good on our own because we are sinful by nature and our natural tendency is toward sin. Our lives are useful to us but even more to God and when we are serving Him, regardless of what we are doing, we are to give Him the glory. He raises us from sleep every morning and gives us the strength for each day.

Until we accept Jesus and His Grace for us, we are not His. Usually we have to come to a point where our lives are not what we want them to be and realize that we can’t make them that way on our own. When we come to that point, a choice is usually present and we must choose.

Redemption from our previous life or just continue on in the life that we are “comfortable” with? Comfort is relative however. Comfort in this life may lead to an eternity of torment and eternity is a long time! If we choose to follow Jesus and serve Him we may have to give up some friends or our favorite places to go or some things that we are “comfortable” doing right now. But, have you ever thought of how short our lives truly are? Do you think your life is all that there is?

Eternity is much longer that a billion years so our pitiful lifespan of seventy-five or eighty years is nothing more than a puff of smoke in comparison. Where would you rather spend eternity, in torment, pain, and anguish or in peace, life with Him, and happiness forever?

Each of us needs saving, but where can that redemption to come from? Buddha? Mohammed?  Jesus is the only way. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Choose life and Jesus over spiritual death and anguish forever.

Eternity! That is a loooong time!

My life these past couple of years has been eventful and rewarding. God has taught me a lot about Himself and about me. I regret to say that there are still things about myself that I don’t like but I suppose God looks over them and forgives me for them. I am not perfect and never will be until I am in Heaven with Him. At which point I won’t have to worry about this world and its troubles anymore, and I will serve Him forever.

That word implies that our lives don’t end and, if you are a child of God and have accepted Jesus as your Lord, they won’t end. Oh, the earthly body will die unless Jesus comes before your time on earth is up, but either way eternity will be glorious. My acceptance of this was not easy and I did not come to this lightly. My grandparents and my parents died before I became truly committed to my walk with God. I am still not sure why I held so tightly to my own ideas and ways, but until my dad died about seven years ago, I wasn’t ready to cling to God’s way. I think God used my son and my responsibility to him as a way to get me to really commit to His service.

In reference to eternal life, whether you accept Jesus or not your soul will live forever. The big question is what will you be doing and where you will be for eternity? Eternity is a very long time and we cannot comprehend with our human mind the magnitude of it. It is hard for me to think about life as it was two hundred years ago or so. Jesus’ followers lived two thousand years ago. Scientists say that our sun and planets are over four billion years old (although I don’t believe it). Jesus is still alive and was alive before there was anything so regardless of the age of the universe, He is.

Just knowing that you will live forever is enough to make me commit my life to Jesus. I don’t understand why anyone would want to spend eternity in hell. I know that many people think that it will be a big party, but it won’t. There will be no laughter or merry-making there. If you have rejected God’s provision of eternal life with Him through Jesus, you will be in torment and agony forever. Those are facts spelled out in God’s word so they are set in stone and will not be changed. The only way to avoid that fate is to accept Jesus as your Saviour and live for Him and His kingdom.

Many people think that it couldn’t be that simple and it really isn’t. All you have to do is accept Jesus as your Saviour, then the work begins! Just because you accept Him your old nature won’t go away, you will have to struggle against it for the rest of your life. But when you get closer to Him and study his word, it gets easier because you are becoming more like Him. You are not becoming a god, but you will become more like Christ by doing His will for your life. That can be as simple as doing a good job at your work whatever it may be. As long as you are following Him and studying His word to become a faithful servant of His, He will direct your life and “God causes everything to work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

Do you believe in the existence of Hell?

I have heard many stories of people who don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, though I can’t understand why. I guess if I weren’t a servant of God and didn’t believe the Bible as the word of God, I wouldn’t either. There are many passages in the Bible which point to the existence of Hell and describe it as well. I just finished a book entitled,“23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese.

The reality of Hell is not whether or not it exists, just that it does! Jesus referred to it, the prophets of the old Testament referred to it. It is a real place. I know that many people say that a loving God could not send people to hell, but He will! The simple act of refusing his gift of eternal life through belief in Jesus will send you there, God doesn’t want any human in hell. He created it for Satan and his demons, not us. Through rejection of His Son and the sacrifice made in our place, many people will go to Hell that would not have gone there by making the choice to accept Him as their savior.

I know that in many churches, the existence of hell is not preached but that doesn’t mean that it is not there. Fire looks pretty but if you put your hand in it you will still be burned. The fire of hell is just as hot as any fire, if not hotter than that on earth, but your life after death is eternal and that is a LONG time!! The fire of hell does not consume you it just tortures you forever. God is not the one who sends you there, you do! By accepting Jesus as your lord and Savior you can escape that fate.

I know some will think that I get some compensation from a publisher by putting a link to Bill Wiese’s book in this blog, but I assure you that I do not. I only put the link there to encourage you to get the book and read it. Then check the references to the Bible and other works that he uses and you will see that hell is a real place. If you don’t believe after that, you will find out personally when you die. Instead of an angel coming to get you, there will be demon. I don’t have to go into any more detail than that. Please, consider the validity of the Bible and the message in it’s pages. It is true and Jesus is waiting. Don’t wait until it is too late because no one knows when their time will come. It may be tonight or tomorrow. Don’t put it off, please!

So many souls, not enough time

Christian’s have been given the greatest commission of all, to spread the gospel of Jesus and his plan of salvation for humanity. In the world right now there are so many people who need Christ, but there are so few willing or able to bring His message to them all. I am hoping that some of you who read this blog will consider being a witness for Him. If you are not a Christian, please find someone who has a Bible and read it. The plan is in there and the purpose for your life is in there too. Don’t neglect your immortal soul. Eternity is a long, long time. Spending it in hell would be horrible since accepting Him and His Son is what will keep you out of it! Once you have accepted Him, you can serve Him by showing others what He has done for you.

I had “accepted” Jesus, or thought I had, many years ago but it wasn’t until I went to a Promise Keepers rally that my soul yearned for Him and His word. Ever since then my life has changed drastically. I am no longer working in the vocation I was trained for, although I am still working in a hospital. I am working in the IT field now which I believe He called me to as my ministry and since working with computers is something that I truly enjoy. So now, my work is not so much “work” until something REALLY goes wrong. But, He gives me the ability to handle even those times as well.

Please consider your options and read the Bible, at least parts of the New Testament like Romans and 1 Corinthians. They contain some passages which should prick your heart and your soul. ‘Til next time. In Jesus’ name.