Pickin’ and choosin’

Religion is an easy thing in America. We have the freedom to pursue and
worship whoever or whatever we wish to or even to not worship
anything at all. Being religious is very easy and there are many
people who are very religious about their chosen religion, some even
to the point of being fanatical about it. So what is it about this
trend in America? Mainly it is because for the past fifty or sixty
years, we have been searchers and seekers. Not so much as seeking out
God and His ways, but seeking that which suits us the best in a
church or religion.
That is not such a bad thing because many times in this searching, people
will be called to faith in God and give their hearts to Jesus.
Although, some may not listen intently to the messages that are
presented to them and they want to pick and choose whatever they want
to believe. This is a dangerous way of doing things and for an
illustration of this I propose this:
A man was building a platform from pipes and boards so that he could have some
people singing and just presenting music for those who wanted to hear
it. He went through the hardware store and picked out the most shiny
pipes and bolts and nuts that he could find because they would look
good in the lights. He didn't pay any attention to the sizes that he
chose, just that they looked nice and shiny. When he got home to put
it together he found that he couldn't get anything to work very well
together because even though they were pretty and shiny, their sizes
didn't match well. A few were the same size and would go together,
but the next one in line would not. What went wrong?
Well, he had some that were quarter inch and some that were a half inch in
size, these were mixed and matched and he even had some bolts and
nuts that were in the same shape, being different sizes so that few
would work together. It doesn't work in construction and it works
even less efficiently with religious beliefs. 

Picking and choosing one or two verses from the Bible to believe and then
discarding much of the rest of it doesn't work, just as choosing
parts because they look good rather than because they fit together
doesn't work. Except, that is what many people seem to be doing
today. Why are people trying to “make their own god” as some
claim? Mainly because they don't like the message that they have
heard from the Bible or they don't want to be told that their
lifestyle is wrong or sinful.
God Himself is Holy and He won't allow an unclean sinner into Heaven
unless they have repented (turned away from) of their sins and the
lifestyle that went with them AND they have asked Jesus into their
life and their heart, allowing the Holy Spirit to change them
spiritually so that they can be a true Christian. Christianity is not
based on going to church at certain times or participating in rituals
once every month or every six months. You can go to church for a
century, every time the church has services, and if you haven't
accepted the call of Jesus in your heart and life then you haven't
changed much. You may know the Scriptures and have read the Bible
through and taught a class or two in that time, but if you haven't
given your life to Jesus then you aren't saved!

Can God use you for His purposes?

Are you willing to let God use you in your life? Have you given your heart to Him so that He can use you? There are many people who don’t know about the Bible or what is in it these days in America. It really isn’t hard to understand why though. We have pushed the Bible, prayer, reading the Bible and many other activities related to being a Christian completely out of our lives. There are many who don’t know the first book in the Bible and many others who can’t even name the four gospels telling of the life of Jesus and the good news that was His life and ministry. I use “was” to denote that it happened about two thousand years ago, not that He is dead because He isn’t, Jesus sits at the right hand of God awaiting the time that He will come back and get the Church.

I am getting a bit ahead of myself here though. Are you a Christian or do you want to be a Christian? If you do, then ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you for the life that you have lived. He will show you how to live a different way with a new purpose and a new attitude. Once you have done this, pick up a Bible and pray that God will teach you through it because He will do that. Just reading it will help, but asking God to show you the things that you need to learn will help more than even going to church.

Although you will want to attend a church which teaches from the Bible soon because meeting with others who believe like you do is necessary. The early church in Jerusalem met in their homes, but they did meet together. The fellowship gained during this time is necessary for your growth in Christ as well as your learning more about Him. It is also necessary to your growth as a Christian because the fellowship that you enjoy with other believers grows sweeter and more like family as you grow in your faith!

Now, to get to the issue of being used for His purpose…first of course you have to be a believer and you should be willing to do the will of God. That being said, it is not an automatic thing that every believer is going to work for God in some way. The easiest way to do this is by studying God’s Word daily, then praying about what you have read and seeking His will for your life. He will answer your prayers in His time, of course, not yours so be patient. The best advice I can give you at this point is DON’T EVER ASK GOD FOR PATIENCE! He will hear that prayer and you will learn patience but you may not like the lessons!

God loves you and all of humanity and He does answer prayers, just realize that some of those answers are His way of testing you and teaching you. So, don’t be surprised with the answers that you get especially those that don’t seem to be what you asked for. God loves each of us and He does take care of our needs every day, but He is not One that you can ask for money and it will just fall into your account. Prosperity comes with sacrifice and work, not from schemes and gambling. Read through Proverbs carefully in either the Living Bible translation or the English Standard Version, then you will understand His view toward work and laziness and debt.

The Bible can teach you more than a college can in four years, but you have to meditate on it, pray about it and ask Him to give you the wisdom to understand His message for your situation when you are reading it. Believe me, I used to think that it was just an old book until I became a Christian and started really studying it and praying about what I read. Then I learned that your education is severely lacking if the Bible is not part of it. Give God’s Word and Jesus a chance in your life and your life will never be the same again…it will be one hundred percent BETTER!!!

Irrational belief

“If there is a textbook example of being irrational, then irrationality believes in something without any evidence.” – Atheist reference to Christianity

What about the seemingly universal belief, in most of academia, in evolution? Do they truly have proof of something evolving into another type/kind of animal? Is there a fossil of an evolutionary form that anyone can recognize as being between (transitional form) from one animal and another?

The most famous claim that I am aware of is that whales came from hippo-sized land animals many millions of years ago, and yet there is not one fossil that has been found that shows such a transformation. It didn’t happen overnight, because evolution takes millions of years, right? This “hippo” just didn’t jump into the ocean and its legs automatically shrank to the size of flippers?! Irrationality and insanity go hand in hand it seems. Thinking that just by belief and the so-called “fact” that there is no evidence for such a thing happening automatically makes evolution the correct assumption! Really?!?

Come on, if there was a shred of evidence that I could look at and perceive that one animal is changing/evolving into another, then I would believe it. But, there isn’t!

The statement at the beginning of this article is really a definition for a type of faith, so this person is not talking of irrationality it is really a jab at Christianity. Actually, it is a definition of “blind faith”, the kind which goes along with things like theories that have no proof but if enough people teach it for long enough it is taken as fact.

Christian faith is not blind faith, it is backed up by history and by eyewitness accounts from historical documents, so the recorded stories in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) can be traced to historically documents and other proofs. Can anyone show proof positive that evolutionary processes took place to create man or are those skeletons just skeletons of apes from thousands of years ago?

I don’t think that there will be any such evidence because it doesn’t exist! Many of the biological life that has been on earth since its creation are still in the same forms that they always were to begin with, so where is the proof of evolution?

Belief in evolution is backed up by this phrase: Insanity that is backed up by enough people to make it acceptable to all.

If you don’t want to believe in Christian beliefs or an afterlife or anything to do with the Bible, then do what most people do when they find something that they don’t like…change the channel! Don’t listen to Christian radio or to television programs that have things which you don’t agree with in them. That is exactly what Christians do! We try to tell people what our faith tells us to say, just as Muslims or Mormons do, but when we do it we are called insensitive, irrational, and narrow minded. Any other religion in the world is tolerated except Christianity.

So, if you want to be irrational then go ahead. I just want to ask one simple question: “What if my faith and its beliefs are right?”

Telling people about Jesus, should we do that today?

Jesus said before He went back to the Father, “Go and tell others” (paraphrased). Are we doing that? How are we doing that? Do you live according to principles that you have learned in church or from the Bible? Does your life reflect Him or does it reflect your interests and your life instead?

If you are a Christian reading this, do you tell people about your faith and why you have it? Our life, on a daily basis, should be a witness to Him and should reflect what Jesus taught His disciples while He was here. Those principles and teachings haven’t changed. The world has changed, people have changed, politics and governments have changed dramatically but God’s Word and the teachings in it have not changed.

Living according to those teachings is not easy now nor was it easy at the time Christ taught His disciples. The laws of God are still relevant today just as they were when God gave those laws to Moses before the Torah was written. Living according to those precepts has never been easy but with faith it can be done. Not in our own strength but with strength from Him.

If you are searching for answers to questions that have been bugging you, the answers you seek are in the Bible. I don’t know where to tell you to look, but there are many answers in God’s Word to any or all of life’s questions. There are some Bibles today which have topical indexes in them which will guide you to the place you may need to go.

God wants to know you from your side, He already knows you from the inside out. Once you give your heart to Him and begin living according to His principles, He will get to know you even more personally. He will be your true Father. He did form you in the womb you know! Read Romans chapter 8 and following. When you finish with it, pray for understanding and that He will reveal Himself to you even further.

Our Creator loves us all and He knows exactly when and where you are at all times in your life. The only separation that is between you and Him is YOU! Give God a call. The minutes are free and unlimited and they never expire.

God loves us all, all His children of the World

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care and that God cares for them. This should be our goal, to let the people of the world, the veterans, Americans, and most of all, people who feel they are without hope know that they have hope in Jesus and His salvation for their lives. No other religion gives people the hope and security of eternal life like believing in and trusting Jesus for our everyday lives and our salvation.

There is a concept of humanity embodied in an African word which comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages. Ubuntu (pronounced “oo-boon-too”) is seen as a traditional African concept, is regarded as one of the founding principles of the new republic of South Africa and is connected to the idea of an African Renaissance.

A rough translation of the principle of Ubuntu is “humanity towards others”. Another translation could be: “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”. This description of the word and principle of Ubuntu comes from the version of Linux I use and it describes a concept from the Bible that we are all here because of the grace and mercy of God. He created us where we are and in the station in which we find ourself, whether we are writers, teachers, Senators or the President of the United States. The very concept of ubuntu is why there is no word for “cousin” in African language. Everyone is thought of as brother, father, mother, or sister regardless of their relationship.

Jesus regarded those who were his disciples as brothers, sisters, and mothers so why can’t we? I know there would be some people who would be against it, but if Jesus did it, why not? Our enemies can be our brother if we can just learn to live and get along until He comes back. There are so many people we could help and show the love of God to if we would do the will of the Father and go to them. Let them know that He loves them no matter what their circumstances are. No matter where they live or what they have done in the past, it can be forgiven by Him who loves us even when we are sinners. He doesn’t love what we do or our behaviour but He loves us because he formed us all in the womb. When we come to Him in humility and let Him into our hearts and lives completely, the whole of Heaven itself rejoices for every sinner who comes to the knowledge of Jesus and His saving grace.

God doesn’t choose who He will let in or not. I know the Bible says that we who are predestined to be conformed to Him will be and those who are not won’t, but that is there because God knows the future and He knows ahead of time who will choose Jesus and who won’t. He doesn’t create you and point his finger at anyone’s life and say, “I will take this one but I don’t want that one”. That is our choice and ours alone, even though He knows the choice we will ultimately make, He doesn’t interfere with our choices. Sometimes it is hard to hear God’s small voice but it is there, and our spiritual hearing gets better as we read and study His word. Don’t wait, pick up a Bible today. Read it, pray over it, read it again. God speaks through His word and it is powerful. He will not leave you or forsake you, ever. If you don’t believe me, ask Him to prove it. I guarantee that He will.

Our service is to our fellow man but it is also to the creator of the universe, God Himself.

We have a responsibility to let people know about Christ and His sacrifice for us! He gave up far more than anyone on earth has ever given up. If you could imagine being in the presence of God Almighty and how glorious service to Him is, you might have a tiny idea of what Christ left to come and give Himself as a sacrifice for those whom He suffered and died for. Our human minds cannot comprehend the majesty and beauty of Heaven nor the love of the Father which He left to come to our rescue.

That is why the book of Revelation is so hard to understand, because Jesus took John up to Heaven and showed him what must come to pass. The descriptions which John gave were the best he could do to describe what he saw and heard. The human mind just can’t comprehend nor understand Heaven in its glory. God is now giving man the insight to see and understand the prophecies contained in His word because time is growing short. Jesus is coming soon. Regardless of what the world or television media or other “news” agencies may tell us, the Creator’s patience is coming to an end.

This world has had two thousand years to come to Him and realize who He is and what our purpose is and it has largely ignored Him and His word. Mankind has made up gods or made gods out of animals or possessions or jobs or things such as cars, toys, computers, etc. Our imagination has run rampant over the past millennium or two to include things like ET, or dogs, cats, cattle, “wise men”, or men who could coerce people into following their ideals and make them think that they were “prophets”. None of these “gods” can do anything for you nor will they. There is even a “pseudo-religion” that says that we are gods in human form and that we were put here by some E T’s who lived trillions of years ago. My Bible doesn’t say anything of the sort!

If you add up the lives lived by Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan (Cainan), Mahalal, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, or Noah, the world before the flood was not here much more than two thousand years or so. Not TRILLIONS! God was around at that time, but nothing else was. Granted, I may have gotten their names out of order from the Genesis account but the fact is that our world, our universe has not been here for billions and billions of years. God can create a star fully formed as our sun is just by saying so.

The Creator…God who made all things knew that man would disobey Him and His commandments. That is why the Old Testament is the preparation for the Messiah’s birth. The entire Bible tells of His coming and of His fulfilling of prophecies about Him. The Old Testament foretold His coming and how man should receive Him and the New Testament tells of His life and death and resurrection to give all of us hope and the ability to come to our Father as sons and daughters, regardless of our nationality or race.

These are truths found only in the Holy Scriptures, God’s Word, the Bible. No other book could have been written by so many different men and women, in three different languages and all point to the same person, Jesus Christ!! Scholars may try to discredit it but there is no possible way anyone could explain how this book was written except to be the inspired word of the living God! Please read it today! Pray that God will show you that you need Him and His Son, Jesus, through the words of the Bible. It is the breath of life to all who find it and all who believe! I pray that God will richly bless you through the reading and hearing of His word and that all of you will come to know Christ.