Are you in dial-up mode or broadband?

In our society and our world almost everyone is connected somehow to the Internet. Whether it is by dial-up or broadband really doesn’t matter except when you are trying to do something on the Internet. If you have dial-up there is a LOT of waiting involved regardless of where you may live. If you have broadband, whether it is by cable, satellite, or DSL, as soon as the computer is turned on you are on-line.

Our life with Christ should be like broadband. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should be in contact with Him. This connection should stay on all through your day so that you won’t miss His voice or wisdom when you may really need them. There are some who are in dial-up mode when it comes to their relationship with Christ and religion. They “dial-in and log on” with Him when they are in trouble or when they go to church. Then when the crisis is over or the service is over, they log off. Some log on daily but only for a few minutes and then log off again.

The dial-up Christian misses out on a lot that God and His Son have to say and on opportunities for witnessing that may come up during the day. If you were logged on and in touch with Him all day you would be able to respond when you meet someone who needs Him.

I confess, I have been reading a book by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Signs of Life”. His book did inspire me to write this post but God had touched my heart and mind while reading it. Our life and the lives of those we come in contact with would be blessed on a daily basis if we kept our line of communication open to Him all day, every day. He would bless us and the people we meet as well because our conduct would show that He was influencing our walk on a daily basis.

Give God your best, there is no telling what you will get in return! I guarantee it will be worth far more than you realize.

What can I do with my life?

I have wondered that for most of my life. The answer to such a question is not easy to come to whoever asks it regardless of age, religion, or sexual preference. When we try to find our purpose in life we are usually searching for things that we like to do or places we would like to visit or even people we would like to be with. Most of our lives on earth, we are concerned more with “mine, me, or I”. It is a rare individual who is more concerned with others than themselves.

We cannot do anything good on our own because we are sinful by nature and our natural tendency is toward sin. Our lives are useful to us but even more to God and when we are serving Him, regardless of what we are doing, we are to give Him the glory. He raises us from sleep every morning and gives us the strength for each day.

Until we accept Jesus and His Grace for us, we are not His. Usually we have to come to a point where our lives are not what we want them to be and realize that we can’t make them that way on our own. When we come to that point, a choice is usually present and we must choose.

Redemption from our previous life or just continue on in the life that we are “comfortable” with? Comfort is relative however. Comfort in this life may lead to an eternity of torment and eternity is a long time! If we choose to follow Jesus and serve Him we may have to give up some friends or our favorite places to go or some things that we are “comfortable” doing right now. But, have you ever thought of how short our lives truly are? Do you think your life is all that there is?

Eternity is much longer that a billion years so our pitiful lifespan of seventy-five or eighty years is nothing more than a puff of smoke in comparison. Where would you rather spend eternity, in torment, pain, and anguish or in peace, life with Him, and happiness forever?

Each of us needs saving, but where can that redemption to come from? Buddha? Mohammed?  Jesus is the only way. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Choose life and Jesus over spiritual death and anguish forever.

How will anyone know?

How could someone who doesn’t know you, figure out that you are a Christian? Could they hear it when you talk to them? Could they see it by what you do every day at school or at work? Do you take Christ with you everywhere you go or do you leave Him and your faith at church when you go home?

We are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ in our daily lives. Do you know anyone who does this? If you do, how do they show it? By their words and deeds on a daily basis or just by going to church on Sunday?

Anyone can be religious about anything. They can religiously go fishing on Saturdays, they can be religious about watching TV every night or about how they comb their hair. Being religious about something is just making it a habit it doesn’t show your faith in anything. People who didn’t hear Jesus preach could watch Him and see what He did. They could tell that He had a faith and a purpose beyond this life and the day to day things that everyone else did. That is exactly what we are supposed to show the world. That our life is not based on our work schedule or when soccer practice is or when the big game is or who is winning the World Series this year, if you are a child of God through Christ!

The everyday stuff that we have to put up with while we are here is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. What will it matter in a thousand years how big your house is? In ten thousand years will anyone care what kind of car you drove while you were alive or even how much money and investments you had? NO!!! There won’t be any evidence that any of that ever existed by that time. Our life is only a few moments compared to that amount of time and if you stretch it out to a million or a billion years……? God loves all of us and he gave us a reason to be where we are. If you truly want to follow Him or are just curious, read the Bible! Especially the book of Romans. The way to salvation is in it from start to finish.

God doesn’t leave us alone, ever! No matter how far you think you have gone or what bad things you have done, He still loves you. It is simple to accept Him and His way if you will just trust in Jesus. He doesn’t require you to jump through hoops or anything like that. What He does require is faith in Jesus and the willingness to follow His way of life on a daily basis, giving up your sinful ways and so-called “friends”.

Life is not getting easier

And it won’t until our lives are over. That is a morbid thought, but it is true. The Bible says that we will experience trials and other troubles in the world. Whether you are a Christian or not that is very true. In some instances, people cause their own problems. In others, trouble seems to come to them quite frequently. I know that this is not a new observation but in these economic times it is true for all of us.

On my blog, I make it a point to tell everyone about my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and I do realize that some of you may not believe in Him but please read on.

Our lives are given to us to fulfill a purpose. Whether you use your life for yourself and your own desires or in service to God and His Kingdom doesn’t really matter. I know that I may get some comments from some people about that but it is true. The ruler of this world would like you to believe that you are the most important person and your desires are also more important than any other purpose that people or society may be telling you. He has always been telling those lies all the way back to the garden of Eden when he deceived Adam and Eve. He is still telling lies but they are very subtle. Much more than the ones told in the garden.

God knew that his creation of Lucifer the light bearer would cause trouble even as He created him. The conflict between the two opposing forces in the world, Satan who has manipulated all of mankind for thousands of years and Christ and His Father who have been patiently waiting for those who are called to come to them, will go on until the final “battle” when Christ is victorious.

There are many references in the Old Testament to this conflict and many in the New Testament as well. The Bible is the true Word of God. There is no dispute about this. The dispute among the religions of the world is not about the Bible it is about religion, and who’s religion is the “correct” one. My friends, there is no other religion that is correct except the one that worships the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus the Christ!

I will be called a bigot and narrow minded and blind for saying these things, but I only write here what my prayerful spirit leads me to write. Most of my blog is not my own opinion (with the exception of a couple of posts). I try to write only what I feel led to, not from my own mind. The mind of man is a very fallible thing, wicked and deceitful in every respect toward God and His purposes.

Feel free to comment on any post here, but I would ask that you not post a comment with foul language in it. God loves you all because He created you. Go to a church and talk with someone about Him this weekend. It is the time that Jesus came out of the tomb a conqueror before sitting down at the right of His Father in Heaven. Listen to the preacher’s sermon and pray that He will speak to your heart. He will, you know.

We can do more for those who hate us, than for those who love us

Our lives are to be used in service to others through our faith in Christ. Our faith in Christ is what gives us the strength and ability to do what needs to be done for God and His kingdom. This is supposed to be the purpose of every Christian on earth.

The people who hate us and ridicule us are those who don’t understand our faith or beliefs. The say that they don’t want what we have and yet, the self-help section in bookstores is overflowing, psychologists are turning away patients, people are taking Prozac and other medications by the handful. Why?

Because they are searching for something to fill the emptiness inside them. It may be drugs or sex or alcohol or many other things that are harmful to them as a person, but they will turn to something, anything! Especially when they don’t know what it is that they are looking for.

Most self-help books just re-package the same themes which are found in the Bible. They take the “religious words” out to make it easier for non-Christians to incorporate it into their lives but if you take them and compare them to an English Standard Version of the Bible they sound almost identical.

People hate to hear the words which I have penned here, especially those in the tech-industry. I have noticed that if you mention God or the Bible or Christ around people who are “geeks”, you will be almost “run out of town” and “hung by the neck until dead”. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about software for a Church or for Bible study.

God created us and gave us the knowledge to create the computer and the software which runs it. It doesn’t matter who or why they say they did it. God has always been in control of everything that happens past, present and future.  The technology which runs almost everything today is not new to God. He knew about the Internet long before it came into existence. Give Him a chance in your life. Listen to the Word in the Bible. Pick one up in a bookstore and read a little, it won’t hurt. You might find something that you have been searching for all of your life, but you will never know if you don’t at least try it. He is waiting. He loves you regardless of who you are or what you have done.

Something died in me

I was prompted this morning to write about, of all things, death!  I have never experienced the death of a sister or brother through war or by evil things that men do or even by accidents, but the feelings of betrayal and loss are the same. I have a half-brother and sister and I was very worried when she was serving in the Army because she spent most of her five year enlistment in Europe and some in Iraq. God answered my prayers and protected her, somehow as only He can do.

There are many people who have lost loved ones to the evil and hateful ways of men and I am sure that they question God’s love and His divine love when things go terribly wrong. He is still there and He does care. In fact, He will avenge their deaths in ways that we cannot possibly imagine. “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.”

The first death that I experienced was the death of my marriage, then my grandmother and finally my mother, grandfather, and my Dad. A few years later, my mother-in-law, my son’s grandmother, died. I was questioning, searching for the answer when I came to realize that He had a plan in all of this. I did not like nor enjoy how His plan for my life worked out but after a while of prayer and crying out to Him, I came to know Him better than I ever had before. I know that death is something that we all have to come to grips with at some point in our lives, and it is not a pleasant part of life at all but it is necessary. Even the loss of someone by gun or by an accident on the highway or even by drugs is not overlooked by God. He knows when your life will end and how, unfortunately He can’t prepare our family or us for it unless we let Him.

I wasn’t ready for any of the deaths which occurred in my life, but He knew that unless I experienced them I would never grow into the person that He intended for me to be. I know, that seems to be a cruel way to cause someone to “grow-up” but even in the Bible there are times when people would die so that a new leader would be brought into their place.

Bitterness, anger, frustration, feelings of resentment, loneliness, grief, frustration….these are all feelings that we experience when someone dies before their time or before we are ready. God knows and cares about all of us and for those who were Christians, He was there to greet them when they came into His presence. The sad truth is that many people die not knowing Him, but sometimes this is the only way to get another member of the family to come to Him and God knows that. It is not pleasant and it is never easy on the family regardless of how the person died.

God loves you! Give Him a chance to show it by coming to Him and crying to Him about your hurt and your anger. The only way that these feelings will be helpful to you is if you let Jesus heal the damage they have caused in your life. There is no way to bring back the people we have lost except through our memories of them, but those memories can be much sweeter if we will talk with the One who can help. The only One who can truly help spiritually, emotionally and eternally. Give Him the chance to show just how much He cares and you will be amazed.

How can I go on?

There are many people who may be asking this question right now. What kind of advice would you give? What would you say to someone who is hurting from a loss of a family member? Or even the loss of a job?

I don’t want to give some trite words about the love of God or that the answer can be found in the Bible although both of those do apply and are true. The words that many people need to hear is that God does love you!

I know that I said I didn’t want to give that as advice but it is the truth. The only way to see these as the truth that they are is to look around the creation of God and notice the order and perfection that is there. This cannot happen because of a big bang! We did not “evolve” from chimpanzee’s or from some primordial ooze or from one-celled organisms!

God created the world in six days! I know that is something that most scientists don’t believe but with God, anything is possible! That is another one of those things that you hear that many people don’t want to hear, especially during times of loss and grief. This is the very news that everyone needs to hear!

Our lives are the miracles that everyone expects to see, although most people don’t think of our lives that way. If God decided that He wanted to remake the world today, that would be the end of it all. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that we live because of the love and grace that He extends to us every second of our lives!

We go on because He wants us to go on with our lives. To be His creation is the ultimate joy for me because He created me and every person, every creature on this planet to serve His purpose! This is something that we all need to understand, God put us where we are at this point in time to do His will. If you don’t know or understand that, get a Bible and read it! His will for everyone, no matter where you are or what your “religion” happens to be is in that book.

He gave us the freedom to choose our way and unfortunately many don’t follow Jesus or the Bible or any of the teachings that are in it. God knows you and your decision, even before you make it. He knows this because He created you! Give Him your life, come to Him with your feelings, your problems, your grief. He knows about it already, He is just waiting for you to call Him and His phone is always on and always available. He is by your side no matter where you are or what situation you may be in. He loves you and cares for you like no one else can, give Him the chance to prove His love and you will never be disappointed and alone again!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We have started a new year and so far the same news is around today as it was yesterday, nothing new yet! Our lives are in God’s hands and He knows exactly what will happen and when, and yet we worry needlessly about things we cannot control. The weather, the stock market, gray hair, aching joints, our job or whether we will have one in the next six months. These are things that we do worry about and there is nothing we can do to change any of them. Even our job is in His hands so actually we don’t have control over it either. There are many situations where we feel in control but He is always  in control. If He were not, the whole universe would be in disarray and our world would be dead!

Fulfilling lives and our destinies in the world are dependent upon God, no one else. Your mother can’t give you those, neither can your earthly father. Only in service to Him can you truly find fulfillment in everything you do, no matter what it is. If we really want to live out our lives with hope and confidence, we should put our confidence and our faith in God and His Son, Jesus! They are in control of everything and will cause every good thing to work for those who serve them.

There is no higher calling than to be a servant of God, the Creator of the universe and everything in it. He owns everything so I would rather work for the owner of it all than the one who only has a little! A few billion dollars is nothing compared to the entire universe!

In your service to Him, think about how small we are and the insignificance of our little planet in comparison to the universe. Yet, He knows you more intimately than anyone on the earth! He knows all of us on this planet just that intimately because He created us. He formed us in the womb and knows everything about us and our future selves. All the science and mathematics in the world can’t explain why your personality is what it is or why, but He knows and He knew it before you were born!

No matter what your age or what “religion” you happen to believe in He still knows you and He will call on you at some point in your life. Listen for that call, it will be repeated until He has your attention no matter how He has to get it. Your Heavenly Father loves you and is waiting to hear from you. Make the decision today to come to Him in prayer, even if you have never prayed before, He is always by your side regardless of what you may have done in your life. He will forgive you if you will repent and believe in Him. That is all He asks!

Once you do that, He may inspire you to write or preach or be a missionary. Then again, you may just be a changed person and inspire someone where you work with what they see in your life. It could be a different job that He wants you to have but He has to have you first before you will be able to do it. Our Creator and our God is the best boss you could ever hope for because His retirement plan is eternal and has already been paid in full, it is not affected by the economy or the stock market either. Give God a chance in your life and you will never regret it!