Where are you?

Many of us, at one point or another, have wondered this about God. “Where are You, God?”

How many times have you said that?

How many times have you heard someone say it?
Yes, it is hard to make it through the day sometimes when things are not going right but why not do something about it? To that, many people would ask me, “OK, what can I do about it? I don’t see Him doing anything!”

The best that you can do is stop blaming God for your problems. First of all, He gives us a choice in everything, every decision that we make whether it is good or bad. Second, and for many this would be the tough part, ….start your day off with prayer and reading some verses in the Bible. Begin your day by thanking Him that you are awake and alive to see this day, then pray that your day will be fruitful for His Kingdom and read a verse from Proverbs or Psalms or any other verse that has meaning for you. Jesus did this by getting up early and praying before the day began and that is how we should live our lives too.

Being grounded in the Word and beginning the day with God starts the day in the right way, then everything else that follows will have His Spirit in it, covering it and giving you the strength to get through it and the problems that may come during your day at home or at work. Once you get into a habit of doing this, it won’t be hard at all to do it all during the day. Pray about the problems which come up, the traffic jam that you are in on the way to or from work, someone else’s trouble during the day. Cover the day and all that is in it with prayer.

God asked Adam the same question about where he was, but God knew all along. The important thing that we have to realize is that God never leaves us, especially if we are Christians. He is always in our hearts and as close as our skin. We are never alone, even if you aren’t a believer. He knows you and knows about you and what you do. If you have felt His call or tug on your heart, please consider answering that call. He has a plan for you.

He loves you deeply and never leaves you alone.

Think on that and give God a call, His line is never busy and the signal never fades.


Our time is not our own

Life is something that we tend to take for granted. We always feel, it seems, that we will have tomorrow or next week or next month to do the things that we like to do, that we want to do. Our life is a gift to us from God so that we can understand Who He is and what our purpose in this life really is. He has something in mind for each one of us regardless of what may be happening in our lives.

In Jeremiah God says this:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)

This is the promise that all of us have to cling to, especially during times in our lives which are tough. We cannot and should not fall on our own human weaknesses, and yet we tend to do this especially in times of grief and sadness. If you are going to live in Christ‘s strength daily, then you can’t fall on your strength just because things go south one day. We have to depend on Him every day in order to live the life that He has for us and to be a blessing to others.

Pity parties like we tend to have when things are going badly are the one personal  vice that we all seem to have, but we have the strength of Christ if we will bring Him into our life daily. His love for us is more than we can imagine and He will sustain you every day when you depend on Him and allow Him to walk with you and guide you through life. We don’t have the answers to every problems, no one does except Jesus, because He is the answer!

God will provide for each of us the provisions that we need whether it is money, food, shelter or whatever it may be, when we depend on Him. I know that it is hard for many people to actually do this because it has been hard for me as well because the One that you are depending on is the Creator but He is not visible. His provision for you is enough, but it seems to be provided just in time and in the right amounts, not the way we want it…right now! We want our prayers answered today not next month or next year or even ten years from now, but God’s timing is the right time although we may not realize it at the time.

We have grown up in the past thirty years in a culture which has access to everything NOW! We have had microwaves for that length of time so we don’t pop popcorn in air poppers or on the stove, we want it in forty seconds from the microwave. In the past forty or so years, we have had drive-thru fast food places where we could just drive up, order what we want, pay for it and drive away and we didn’t even have to get out of our warm or cool car or truck to do it and usually we got our food, if you can call it that, in a few minutes.

Instant satisfaction and gratification is the norm these days, especially with the coming of the Internet and Amazon.com. We can find any amount of information that we need on a particular subject and buy books or most any other thing online in a few seconds and it will be delivered within a few days usually.

The biggest problem that this has created is that we don’t have much patience anymore. There is no delay in gratification, because we can get it almost instantly from anywhere. God knew that this was going to happen because He told Daniel about it and it is written in Daniel chapter 12:4 which says: ” But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

We need to depend on God every day to get us through, but we don’t like to have someone else in control. You have to give Him control, He doesn’t take it, so unless  you are willing to truly give Him yourself and follow His guidance in your life then you are not surrendered to Him. This is what is required and until you come to that realization, your life will be unbalanced and unfruitful toward the Kingdom of God.

It is true that your life may be going well every day, whether you belong to Christ or not, but it is a lie from Satan if you don’t belong to Jesus. All of these “good things” that you have and have been “given”, you have them because he is trying to keep you “satisfied” with your life, with your stuff, with everything that you have! Things don’t help. Stuff doesn’t do any of us any good…but Jesus can and does! Ask Him into your heart and into your everyday life because He has a plan for you and it will be revealed and accomplished when you give your life to Him and follow Him. Amen.

New Year, New Commitment to ?

Happy New Year - The Daniel Fast

Happy New Year! Will this year be different for you and your friends and family? Possibly. The degree of the difference is up to you and the commitment that you make toward it. Are you going to change your life and the lives of others by doing something differently this year? I hope so.

Be committed to giving of your time and talent to others who need it. God gave you the talent that you possess in order to glorify what He can do and what you can do through Him. Your DNA did not just magically happen to form in the womb with the characteristics that you have. It was fashioned in that way by the Creator because He knew you before the world itself was formed!

That statement is one that puzzles most scientists and skeptics, but it is true. Why would a Creator come to this world as a man to give His life, as perfect as it is, as a ransom and a payment for all of our sinful ways if He did not know all about us and how many there would be that needed Him to do so? Our God is wonderful, powerful, awesome, gentle, kind, and loving toward His creation and He loves all of it, but especially us! Why would an all-powerful Creator love us when we, as fallible humans, have rejected Him for “things”?

If the Creator were a vengeful one, He would’ve destroyed and recreated us many times and yet He hasn’t done that but once. I am not saying this because He couldn’t but because He didn’t want to. Our world was created for us to use as stewards for His purpose and for ours and we have done a great disservice to that calling. That is the commitment that we need to get back to, being stewards of the world that we have been given and to those who need us to show them the way to God!

The world would have us believe that all that is important is profit, money, power, greed and what we can get out of life while we are here and many people live their lives that way. Those are the “ways of the world” but that is not the way that we were created to be! We were created to be servants and stewards. Servants of God and stewards of the gifts and talents that He gave us and of the world around us. Your life will never be what it was meant to be nor as meaningful until you give your life and your service to Him.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love thy neighbor as you love yourself. On this the whole of the Prophets and the Law hang together. (Paraphrase of Mark 12:30-31)

In His Service.

Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard?

Do you ever feel like your voice is never heard, even when you are talking with someone close to you? A friend, your wife or husband or even your dad or mom? Does it feel like your voice is just going into the air and no one actually hears what you are saying? In a crowded place do you feel alone, as I do? These feelings are what is considered normal in today’s society but they are not normal in any sense at all!

Do you feel empty, like there is always something missing? Something that you know that you should have or something that you feel deep down that you really need and yet you know that you don’t have it yet? We were actually created with this “need”, but we were not given the identity of that need. We are supposed to find it ourselves. The problem with that is that we usually look in all the wrong places for this “something” that we know or feel will make us “happy”. Why is that?

Our society and its expectations are such that we look to “trophies” of one kind or another to make us “happy” or fulfilled, and in reality these trophies can do no such thing. No matter how much money, fame, honor, glory, praise, or prestige you may have, it will never fill the ache inside which you have felt for most of your life.

The only way to fill that emptiness is with a relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. When you truly accept Him into your life, the void will begin to fill up! It will continue to fill as you seek Him to guide your life daily through prayer and by reading His Word, the Bible. God is not dead as some say and He is not asleep. He has not forgotten us because He can’t. We are His creation, all of us! Prophecy from His word tells us this and that He is not finished. There are many things yet to come.

Your life can be a witness to His glory and for Him. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Jew, or a Muslim, or Hindu or Buddhist, if you give your life to Him and ask Him into your heart the void in your life will be filled! It will begin to fill up and it will continue until He comes back or you are taken home to be with Him. The life we live here is but a temporary, fleeting existence. Our real life begins at our meeting Jesus and continues on from there. Death has no control over our life after that, this world and its troubles has no control over our life and its meaning after we accept the Christ. Our witness to every person that we come in contact with daily matters more than anything we can accomplish on earth because everything here is temporary.

Your life and what you choose to do with it is what matters and what matters the most is what you choose to do with Jesus in relation to the life you live and what you pass on to others. Whether they are your friends, your children or your family in general, the message that you portray to others as a Christian is your legacy that you will leave when you die. Nothing else truly matters until that part of your life is filled with Him. When that happens, then your life has a purpose and a true meaning. Before you accept Jesus nothing has an eternal meaning but after you do, everything can have an eternal meaning when you are living your life for Him and through Him daily.  Have a blessed day in His Service.

I’ve never seen evidence of God!


This is a statement that I have heard many times in news or other media stories and it is one that I cannot understand! How can you wake up in the morning and not feel the evidence of God when you are breathing or with your heart beating? This universe that we live in was not an accident of creation through gravity and heat and coincidence!

The proteins and the cellular structures in our cells are put together in such a way that, according to computer models done on super-computers, the precision with which our bodies run could not have happened by evolutionary means in the time that the universe has supposedly been here (approximately 13 billion years or so).

Our planet is so perfectly positioned in a solar system which has certain characteristics, like some large gas giants which protect us from inbound comets or other debris. The distance that our planet is from the sun is so precise that only a one percent difference would mean either too hot or too cold for life. These can’t be explained by pure luck or by accident! Our life, your life is not accidental but purposeful! There is and always has been a longing in the heart of man. That longing is for a relationship with our Creator. Whether you acknowledge Him as your Lord or not doesn’t matter, although for your eternity it does.

We don’t just die and rot in the ground, even if that is what you believe. Our body does, that is true. But the spirit which was put there before you were born continues and when the New Earth is created your body will be resurrected anew as well. This is not some “new-age” thinking, this comes directly from the Bible itself. Regardless of what is and has been written about God and His Word, it is not a fairy tale!

The Word of God was inspired by Him and written by men. This part is true, but it was not made up by man. There is no way that the forty writers who wrote the Bible could have “made up” the history which has been proven archeologically and the prophecies which have come true. The fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. was foretold more than 400 years before it happened. Our world and the people on it have ample evidence of God and His creation to see that He exists without anyone telling them and yet the world chooses to believe the lies from science or some other “man-made” religion or even no religion at all!

There will be a day in which everyone will see Him coming in His glory, even those who crucified Him! Your heart longs for a relationship with Him. If not today, when? You are not guaranteed tomorrow, no one is. I know I would rather serve Him for eternity in whatever capacity I can, than be punished in hell because I was given the greatest gift of all and I refused to accept it. That is the sin which is unforgiveable. Don’t throw away your chance.

Is Your life in need of something?

Today is a very somber day in our history because of what happened eight years ago today.  Our perception of the world and our safety in it changed dramatically on this day eight years ago and I pray that we will not forget what we have learned from it. When we don’t pay attention to the little things, bigger problems will arise.  Sometimes our everyday lives are like that. Little things like taking an aspirin or eating certain fruits or vegetables can have an enormous impact on your health years after your mother tells you that you need to do these things. Your spiritual life is the same way, and the Bible tells us exactly what we should do and how to do it to keep our relationship with God alive and fresh. If you don’t follow those instructions though, that relationship won’t be what it could be.

He wants that relationship with you because He created all of us. Not only us but the entire universe all the way from the largest galaxies and stars to the smallest atomic particles. He knows exactly how many hairs are on your head and on your body. God knows how you will answer a question before you answer it and what consequences will arise from that answer. Your life and what you do with it cannot be hidden from God regardless of what you do or where you go. It doesn’t matter who you are because God doesn’t respect your standing here on earth, He only respects the decision that you make regarding His position in your life and your heart. Some would say that what I just said is wrong and that Jesus is the answer. He is, but He is also part of God too. What you decide to do with God is the same as what you do with Jesus. Jesus came to pay the penalty for all of our sins and He did so all you have to do is accept His gift of grace and forgiveness into your heart and you will be changed. The old, sinful life that you were drawn to will pass away and everything will be new.

Believe me, if He can create the universe in six days, changing your life isn’t hard to do. He will change your heart and your perspective toward life and serving Him and your life will be totally different from that moment on. The life that we live before He comes into our heart is in total opposition to Him. Afterward, you may still have problems and sinful thoughts which come back from time to time, but He will give you the spiritual strength to withstand those temptations if you will let Him. Your life is not without purpose because He gives you a purpose, to serve Him. When He calls you and you answer, your purpose in life is to serve Him wherever you may be. Regardless of title, position or rank to the world. You are a child of the Living God and the Creator of the Universe and have been called to be His servant no matter what. That position is above all others and supersedes all others . Of course, you can serve Him by doing your daily job as well and representing Him in everything that you do.

When we are serving God, what should our attitude be?

Should we be truly humble….yes. Should we be servants….yes. Is our life to be His alone? YES!!

This is something which most of the world would call crazy. Why would you give your life, daily to someone who is dead! Well, He isn’t dead! That is the point, really. All of the other so-called “gods” are dead. Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, they have been dead for hundreds of years. Jesus is alive and sitting at the right of God the Father and always has been. We are His creation. Not only us but the entire universe including all of the stars and galaxies and the plankton and bacteria.

Nothing “evolved” in our cosmos, it was all created with the “age” that it seems to have because that is the way God wanted it to be. He did not create Adam as a baby but as a grown man and He did the same with everything else. If He chose to do it now, He could. Science doesn’t believe this because it seems too simple to explain, but it is true because He said so in His word the Bible.

I have read accounts of so-called “carbon dating” of freshly cooled lava which showed an age of hundreds of thousands of years and sometimes more. Scientists would say it was due to the rock coming from the interior of the earth but I don’t buy into that.

Our lives and the life on this world was put here purposely by the will and word of God, nothing else. Evolution didn’t happen and has been proven, although many would deny it, to be impossible. It is statistically impossible for all of life on this planet to have evolved from a single-celled organism which grew from a pool of amino acids that just happened to come together to form protein molecules which then organized themselves into DNA. Even scientists know that life and death tends to go from complex to simple not the other way around. Things break down they don’t build up on their own. If that was the case I could take some eggs and flour and sugar and throw them into a blender and come out with a cake with decorations and candles on it.

Our service to God doesn’t happen all at once when we decide to follow Him. Our Spirit has to teach us something about Him and our service to Him and when we are mature enough, the service is a natural part of our being. It is not hard but it isn’t easy either. It is a process just like planting a field and it takes time. Nothing is ever gained by fast growth except a field full of weeds.

Good crops, like mature Christians, take time to grow, but you have to invest the time in Bible study, prayer, fasting, and more prayer. Living a true servant’s life to Christ and for Him is not the easiest way but it is the most rewarding. Part-time Christians are not what Christ wants. How would the gospel have been spread if Peter, James, John and Paul decided to work only on Wednesday’s or Sunday? They wouldn’t have gotten very far would they? The Good News of Jesus wouldn’t have been spread to most of the known world if they had been part-time servants.

Our lives, short though they may be in comparison to eternity, are given to us to serve Him while we are alive on earth. Even though we will serve Him for eternity He desires our service here in order to bring others to Him. We are called to go and tell and if we don’t we are not being faithful to our calling as Christians.

Ain’t God Good!!

Our lives would not be worth much if it weren’t for Him and the grace that He gives us each day. He gives us the grace and strength to get up each morning, the air we breathe throughout the day, our minds and our health to serve Him in whatever job we have and the grace to know when we have messed up so we can confess it and leave it with Him.

God loves us all, not just the ones who serve Him willingly. He created every living being on this planet but he gave us humans the ability to know Him and that is very special. Our lives are special to Him because He created each of us and knew us before we were even born!

Our experiences in this life, good or bad, are our own doing. He doesn’t cause us to fail or stumble, we do. Even in our Christian walk with Him there are going to be days that are tougher to stay focused on Him and His purpose for us. Our enemy in this world is satanic in nature but it is everything that can draw us or our attention away from God.

Truly, that is a lot of STUFF!! But with His strength and guidance, as long as we persevere in our walk with Him daily, we can be overcomers and bring Jesus and His love to the world. Not in a “holier than thou” attitude, but by loving those who would otherwise not be loved or not see or feel loved. In 1 Corinthians it says that all the gifts in the world are useless if we don’t have love to back them up and that is the truth.

Ain’t God Good!!

Are you in dial-up mode or broadband?

In our society and our world almost everyone is connected somehow to the Internet. Whether it is by dial-up or broadband really doesn’t matter except when you are trying to do something on the Internet. If you have dial-up there is a LOT of waiting involved regardless of where you may live. If you have broadband, whether it is by cable, satellite, or DSL, as soon as the computer is turned on you are on-line.

Our life with Christ should be like broadband. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should be in contact with Him. This connection should stay on all through your day so that you won’t miss His voice or wisdom when you may really need them. There are some who are in dial-up mode when it comes to their relationship with Christ and religion. They “dial-in and log on” with Him when they are in trouble or when they go to church. Then when the crisis is over or the service is over, they log off. Some log on daily but only for a few minutes and then log off again.

The dial-up Christian misses out on a lot that God and His Son have to say and on opportunities for witnessing that may come up during the day. If you were logged on and in touch with Him all day you would be able to respond when you meet someone who needs Him.

I confess, I have been reading a book by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Signs of Life”. His book did inspire me to write this post but God had touched my heart and mind while reading it. Our life and the lives of those we come in contact with would be blessed on a daily basis if we kept our line of communication open to Him all day, every day. He would bless us and the people we meet as well because our conduct would show that He was influencing our walk on a daily basis.

Give God your best, there is no telling what you will get in return! I guarantee it will be worth far more than you realize.

Life is hard and it’s going to get worse!

In the economic times that we are living in, anyone with a job had better be satisfied with it or decide to be satisfied with it. The first six months of a new administration is always an uncertain time regardless of the political party involved. This has been true of Republicans as well as Democrats, so people who are playing the blame game trying to pin the problem on one or the other, are just wasting their time and everyone else’s.

The Creator, God, who made everything and controls it all, is the one who put each government into power and those who are in power are doing His will whether they know it or not. Nothing happens without His knowledge, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be at the time. Some people may ask, “Why does God allow suffering or murder or any of a thousand other atrocities which happen in our world everyday?” He allows it because He doesn’t control us!

We are the ones who commit those crimes every day and most are committed by people who do not know God at all! They may know of Him, but knowledge doesn’t make you a Christian. Believing in Him and His son, Jesus, does! The decision to follow Jesus is easy but the “following” is not. Our old nature tries to take over every second of every minute and if you do not decide to truly follow the teachings found in the Bible, you will not be a successful follower of Christ!

Once you truly decide to allow Christ into your life and your heart, it does become easier but the temptations never really go away. Satan is in control of this world but he is also under subjection to God so anything that he does is still in God’s will and His purpose. Humanity chooses to do whatever evil or good is in their hearts to do at whatever time they choose to do it. We are not controlled like robots, but only watched over by God. He loves and cares for us all, just like any loving father would for his children.

God put the universe together and He lovingly knitted your DNA together, just like He did with everyone else on this planet. He knows you far better than you know yourself and He would like to have a relationship with you if you would let Him. Give God a chance to show you what He can do with you and for you because no one else can do what He can!