Ain’t God Good!!

Our lives would not be worth much if it weren’t for Him and the grace that He gives us each day. He gives us the grace and strength to get up each morning, the air we breathe throughout the day, our minds and our health to serve Him in whatever job we have and the grace to know when we have messed up so we can confess it and leave it with Him.

God loves us all, not just the ones who serve Him willingly. He created every living being on this planet but he gave us humans the ability to know Him and that is very special. Our lives are special to Him because He created each of us and knew us before we were even born!

Our experiences in this life, good or bad, are our own doing. He doesn’t cause us to fail or stumble, we do. Even in our Christian walk with Him there are going to be days that are tougher to stay focused on Him and His purpose for us. Our enemy in this world is satanic in nature but it is everything that can draw us or our attention away from God.

Truly, that is a lot of STUFF!! But with His strength and guidance, as long as we persevere in our walk with Him daily, we can be overcomers and bring Jesus and His love to the world. Not in a “holier than thou” attitude, but by loving those who would otherwise not be loved or not see or feel loved. In 1 Corinthians it says that all the gifts in the world are useless if we don’t have love to back them up and that is the truth.

Ain’t God Good!!

Are you in dial-up mode or broadband?

In our society and our world almost everyone is connected somehow to the Internet. Whether it is by dial-up or broadband really doesn’t matter except when you are trying to do something on the Internet. If you have dial-up there is a LOT of waiting involved regardless of where you may live. If you have broadband, whether it is by cable, satellite, or DSL, as soon as the computer is turned on you are on-line.

Our life with Christ should be like broadband. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should be in contact with Him. This connection should stay on all through your day so that you won’t miss His voice or wisdom when you may really need them. There are some who are in dial-up mode when it comes to their relationship with Christ and religion. They “dial-in and log on” with Him when they are in trouble or when they go to church. Then when the crisis is over or the service is over, they log off. Some log on daily but only for a few minutes and then log off again.

The dial-up Christian misses out on a lot that God and His Son have to say and on opportunities for witnessing that may come up during the day. If you were logged on and in touch with Him all day you would be able to respond when you meet someone who needs Him.

I confess, I have been reading a book by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Signs of Life”. His book did inspire me to write this post but God had touched my heart and mind while reading it. Our life and the lives of those we come in contact with would be blessed on a daily basis if we kept our line of communication open to Him all day, every day. He would bless us and the people we meet as well because our conduct would show that He was influencing our walk on a daily basis.

Give God your best, there is no telling what you will get in return! I guarantee it will be worth far more than you realize.

Life is hard and it’s going to get worse!

In the economic times that we are living in, anyone with a job had better be satisfied with it or decide to be satisfied with it. The first six months of a new administration is always an uncertain time regardless of the political party involved. This has been true of Republicans as well as Democrats, so people who are playing the blame game trying to pin the problem on one or the other, are just wasting their time and everyone else’s.

The Creator, God, who made everything and controls it all, is the one who put each government into power and those who are in power are doing His will whether they know it or not. Nothing happens without His knowledge, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be at the time. Some people may ask, “Why does God allow suffering or murder or any of a thousand other atrocities which happen in our world everyday?” He allows it because He doesn’t control us!

We are the ones who commit those crimes every day and most are committed by people who do not know God at all! They may know of Him, but knowledge doesn’t make you a Christian. Believing in Him and His son, Jesus, does! The decision to follow Jesus is easy but the “following” is not. Our old nature tries to take over every second of every minute and if you do not decide to truly follow the teachings found in the Bible, you will not be a successful follower of Christ!

Once you truly decide to allow Christ into your life and your heart, it does become easier but the temptations never really go away. Satan is in control of this world but he is also under subjection to God so anything that he does is still in God’s will and His purpose. Humanity chooses to do whatever evil or good is in their hearts to do at whatever time they choose to do it. We are not controlled like robots, but only watched over by God. He loves and cares for us all, just like any loving father would for his children.

God put the universe together and He lovingly knitted your DNA together, just like He did with everyone else on this planet. He knows you far better than you know yourself and He would like to have a relationship with you if you would let Him. Give God a chance to show you what He can do with you and for you because no one else can do what He can!

Life is not getting easier

And it won’t until our lives are over. That is a morbid thought, but it is true. The Bible says that we will experience trials and other troubles in the world. Whether you are a Christian or not that is very true. In some instances, people cause their own problems. In others, trouble seems to come to them quite frequently. I know that this is not a new observation but in these economic times it is true for all of us.

On my blog, I make it a point to tell everyone about my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and I do realize that some of you may not believe in Him but please read on.

Our lives are given to us to fulfill a purpose. Whether you use your life for yourself and your own desires or in service to God and His Kingdom doesn’t really matter. I know that I may get some comments from some people about that but it is true. The ruler of this world would like you to believe that you are the most important person and your desires are also more important than any other purpose that people or society may be telling you. He has always been telling those lies all the way back to the garden of Eden when he deceived Adam and Eve. He is still telling lies but they are very subtle. Much more than the ones told in the garden.

God knew that his creation of Lucifer the light bearer would cause trouble even as He created him. The conflict between the two opposing forces in the world, Satan who has manipulated all of mankind for thousands of years and Christ and His Father who have been patiently waiting for those who are called to come to them, will go on until the final “battle” when Christ is victorious.

There are many references in the Old Testament to this conflict and many in the New Testament as well. The Bible is the true Word of God. There is no dispute about this. The dispute among the religions of the world is not about the Bible it is about religion, and who’s religion is the “correct” one. My friends, there is no other religion that is correct except the one that worships the God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus the Christ!

I will be called a bigot and narrow minded and blind for saying these things, but I only write here what my prayerful spirit leads me to write. Most of my blog is not my own opinion (with the exception of a couple of posts). I try to write only what I feel led to, not from my own mind. The mind of man is a very fallible thing, wicked and deceitful in every respect toward God and His purposes.

Feel free to comment on any post here, but I would ask that you not post a comment with foul language in it. God loves you all because He created you. Go to a church and talk with someone about Him this weekend. It is the time that Jesus came out of the tomb a conqueror before sitting down at the right of His Father in Heaven. Listen to the preacher’s sermon and pray that He will speak to your heart. He will, you know.

Are we content?

Paul spoke of being content in any situation in which he might find himself. His contentment came from knowing Jesus and knowing that he served Him to the fullest extent that he could. Is it possible for us to know this contentment in the times in which we are living? Yes! God and His son, Jesus are still in control and will always be! If we will be submitted to serving them in our lives on a daily basis, we can have that feeling of contentment in spite of the economic times in which we are living.

God wants us to be and have life abundant, especially when we are following Him and serving in His Kingdom. He created everything in the universe from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. He knows exactly how things are supposed to work together and why. We were created for His purposes and He knows what purpose is right  for each of us in His service. It doesn’t matter what kind of “job” you have as long as you can do it in service to Him and with humility, not arrogance and pride in service to yourself or the world.

God loves all of us, no matter where we live or what religion we claim to believe in. If you feel a tug on your heart toward Him and to His son, Jesus, please respond positively! Humanity was created in His Image to serve Him in whatever capacity or position we find ourselves in. Our lives are not ours alone, but His!

If God is for us, who can be against us? 32He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?  Romans 8:31,32

I do realize that there are some who do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that He was “just a prophet”. The prophecies in the Old Testament point to Him and His birth long before He came to us as the Son of David, the Messiah. I don’t have the room to point out all of the passages which speak of Him and tell who He is, but they are there.

Give the word of God a careful study so that you will find these passages, most of which are in Isaiah. There are also some in the Psalms of David and many others in Daniel, Jeremiah, Micah, etc.

Before your life ends here, please give yourself the chance to hear and really listen to a Bible teaching church and its pastor. Read God’s Word and ask Him to help you to understand and He will. When you do make your decision, it will be the right one. I pray that you and your loved ones will come to Him and be fulfilled in Him.

Does God hear us when we pray?

This is a question I pondered for a long time before I decided to follow Jesus. The answer is YES! He hears you, but before you give your life to him He is only listening for the prayer that shows that you have decided to follow Him. Once you make that decision and let Him know it, He forgives you and changes your heart. Every prayer after that point is heard and answered, some sooner than others but the answer will always be His answer. It may not be the answer you were looking for, but it will be His answer for you and your life.

Our lives, according to His Word, are supposed to be living temples and sacrifices to Him. We have to subject our will to His in order to serve Him. We can’t decide to give our heart to Jesus and then keep doing what we have always done before. The life we get after He comes into our heart is His, not ours. That is the reason that it is so hard for us to give our lives to Him. It really has to be done every day. Submission of our will and our lives to Him on a daily basis is not something that we do very well. Only with the strength that He gives us can we do it successfully.

God knows this and He knows exactly how we will respond daily. Being a dedicated Christian is hard for us to do. It is actually impossible for us to do without His help and the strength that He gives us, if we will ask for it. Our lives can be so much more than what or who we are if we choose to serve Him in whatever we do. It doesn’t matter if we are pastors, deacons, missionaries, Gideon’s, or just nurses, store clerks, doctors, lawyers, pc technicians, gas station attendants, etc. We can serve Him doing whatever we do as long as we do it for Him and for His Glory and not our own.

Pride can be a terrible master that takes many things from us if we let it. That is what gets in the way of many people’s service to Him. We don’t like to admit that it is there but if you let Him search you and your heart and listen to Him when He speaks, you will know. Our lives, like the lives of every creature God created, should serve Him regardless of what our occupation is. God knows exactly what we are capable of but He knows that we are capable of much more if we let Him have control of our spirit and commit ourselves to Him each day.

Happy New Year, everyone!

We have started a new year and so far the same news is around today as it was yesterday, nothing new yet! Our lives are in God’s hands and He knows exactly what will happen and when, and yet we worry needlessly about things we cannot control. The weather, the stock market, gray hair, aching joints, our job or whether we will have one in the next six months. These are things that we do worry about and there is nothing we can do to change any of them. Even our job is in His hands so actually we don’t have control over it either. There are many situations where we feel in control but He is always  in control. If He were not, the whole universe would be in disarray and our world would be dead!

Fulfilling lives and our destinies in the world are dependent upon God, no one else. Your mother can’t give you those, neither can your earthly father. Only in service to Him can you truly find fulfillment in everything you do, no matter what it is. If we really want to live out our lives with hope and confidence, we should put our confidence and our faith in God and His Son, Jesus! They are in control of everything and will cause every good thing to work for those who serve them.

There is no higher calling than to be a servant of God, the Creator of the universe and everything in it. He owns everything so I would rather work for the owner of it all than the one who only has a little! A few billion dollars is nothing compared to the entire universe!

In your service to Him, think about how small we are and the insignificance of our little planet in comparison to the universe. Yet, He knows you more intimately than anyone on the earth! He knows all of us on this planet just that intimately because He created us. He formed us in the womb and knows everything about us and our future selves. All the science and mathematics in the world can’t explain why your personality is what it is or why, but He knows and He knew it before you were born!

No matter what your age or what “religion” you happen to believe in He still knows you and He will call on you at some point in your life. Listen for that call, it will be repeated until He has your attention no matter how He has to get it. Your Heavenly Father loves you and is waiting to hear from you. Make the decision today to come to Him in prayer, even if you have never prayed before, He is always by your side regardless of what you may have done in your life. He will forgive you if you will repent and believe in Him. That is all He asks!

Once you do that, He may inspire you to write or preach or be a missionary. Then again, you may just be a changed person and inspire someone where you work with what they see in your life. It could be a different job that He wants you to have but He has to have you first before you will be able to do it. Our Creator and our God is the best boss you could ever hope for because His retirement plan is eternal and has already been paid in full, it is not affected by the economy or the stock market either. Give God a chance in your life and you will never regret it!