Courage for today

We see the effects of courage and bravery almost every day, although some may not recognize it. You hear about it from the foreign battlefields and in cities and towns all over this great land. Firefighters and policemen and policewomen all exhibit courage even though they don’t think of themselves as heroes or courageous, they are just doing their jobs. It is the same with our service men and women who are out in the field doing their jobs, courageously, selflessly but do they get the credit for what they do? Do any of them get the recognition that they deserve?

In this time and with this administration, they don’t. Mainly because it has no regard or respect for any selfless act of bravery or courage and that is truly sad. We should have a President and a Representative government that is asking the people what they want, not telling us what to do! They should be paying more attention to those who have fought for this country and its freedoms, rather than acting like a dictatorship that has been elected.

We have to show courage and dignity during times of trouble and if someone doesn’t think that we are in trouble today, then they need to check and see if they have a pulse! Our country is on the edge of an abyss that we cannot dig our way out with a bigger shovel, nor can we build a bridge over it, because we don’t have enough people who are willing to work to get it done.

What would’ve happened to the human race if Adam and Eve had just decided to sit down and do nothing after being forced out of Eden? What would’ve become of North America if Columbus had not discovered it? I know that many would say that America would be far different if it had been a couple of hundred years later before it was discovered. The history would be quite different from what happened up until the seventeenth century until today.

Our whole culture would be different, but the point that I am making is that it took courage to explore and to do the things needed in the past to bring about the present. It will also take courage to, somehow, fix the problems which we have today so that there will be a future for our children. It will take hard work and sacrifice and lots of time, because trillions of dollars in debt cannot be wiped away in a decade!

The debt didn’t accumulate in just one decade and it will certainly not go away that easily either. It will take more than America has been investing in itself in a very long time. It will take the same determination and will that the Greatest generation had during WWII, and right now the people in America don’t have it. There are a few people who do, but compared to the majority of Americans, they are few in number.

When the Revolutionary War was fought and independence was declared, our ancestors reached for something that we seem to have lost: courage and Providence. Courage in the people who wanted freedom from England‘s rule and Providence Who provided them with hope. God was that Providence and He had a profound effect on early America because it was due to religious persecution that America became a colony of England. God had His hand in molding our country into the beacon of freedom, religious or otherwise, that it became so that people would want what we had.

I say “had” because that beacon is becoming dim. We have lost the fire and the power to rekindle it because we have pushed God out of, not only our government, but our schools and from some of our homes too. Our military has taken Him out of the oaths that our soldiers take. How much longer can you push God until He pushes back? Do we really want Him to push back? Are we so arrogant that we believe that we could withstand a push from God?

Glenn Beck has it right. We need to get up from our couches, put on some work boots and get back to work! America can be what God intended for it to be if we will do the work needed to get the job done! Nothing worth doing is easy, it is usually hard, but the reward afterward is worth it! I pray that God will bless this nation and its people with the backbone and the will to get up and get the job done, because if they don’t…we’re history.


The old man that you see?

In a nursing home or a park, maybe in your barber-shop or even your church, you see them. Sometimes everyday, sometimes just once a week, but they are there.

Some have lived full, rich lives with lots of children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Others have had sorrows piled upon sorrows until the layers are too deep for them to see past the pain and the anguish.

Some, in fact, many who are past the age of fifty are veterans and they have seen much more than many people should see or experience. Especially if they were involved in a war, regardless of where it was fought. Some may even be younger than fifty, but the experiences that they have dealt with have aged them faster than they should have.

Our society revered these men at one time. We valued the wisdom that experience had taught them. We valued their opinion and their knowledge. Now, they are seen as a drain on society. Just another person or patient to take care of on the job.

The Bible says the the crown of the aged is a sign of wisdom and should be honored, in fact they are supposed to be honored and respected. If you or your father, brother, uncle, son or nephew lives to be “aged”, how would you like to be treated?

The crown of the aged is their children and grand-children but it is also the experience gained during their lifetime. In knowing how to handle situations, but more importantly how to handle themselves and their relationship with God and men. Primarily and most importantly, put God and His purposes first in your life and everything else will follow that lead. The Elder, God Himself, is Creator of all and He alone deserves Honor and Praise. He was before time and is the Creator of time and there is no other God except Him.

Christians know these truths to be true because they were testified to by Jesus Himself, who is the Living Word of God and the Son of God. Any other religion is false and untrue because they do not accept these facts. If anyone reading this cannot accept this, then they need to read and believe the Bible. God loves all of humanity but if you will not accept His gift of salvation through Jesus then you have condemned yourself to hell. I pray for you all to come to Him.