So much to be thankful for

Our world has much to be thankful for, yet we don’t seem to be thankful for it. There are wars in many places, there are famines and terrorists in other places, so what could we be thankful for? It is true that, outside America, most countries don’t celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday but we still should give thanks to God for the grace and mercy that He has given to all of us.

You might ask me, “What has He done for me, I live in poverty and hunger all of the time?”. If you still live, He has given you life and breath and another day to live. He will provide for you if you will give your heart to Him, even more than He provides for you now. I know that many people consider us wealthy who live in America and for most of the world’s areas that live on the equivalent of one dollar or so a day that may be true.

We have more food available to us, we have cars and homes to live in comfortably and yet there are people here who live in poverty just as bad as those in India or Sub-Saharan Africa. They make boxes to live in or they use whatever lumber they can find and drape a plastic sheet over it as shelter in the mountain winter. Yes, there is poverty in the so-called “land of plenty”.

So, how can I write that we should be thankful for what we have? Did you wake this morning with the ability to walk and get up from your mat or bed? Can you walk and when you find something to eat, can you eat it and digest it? We take so much for granted in America and in the world at large until we don’t realize that there are people, children and adults, who are suffering from disease and treatments of disease which leave them unable to walk, unable to eat or even digest what they get as nutrition. If you can eat a piece of fish and drink a little water, that is a blessing.

For many people, that small blessing of being able to eat and digest their food is something that they would give all they have for. So, yes, we all have something to thank God for. The sun shining in the sky and the moon at night are the lights which He placed there to show His mercy and grace toward us. The stars and galaxies which we cannot see with our eyes, but He flung them out and He knows each one of them by name. They are there to show His majesty and His power. Can He take care of you? Yes, He can!

In six days He created all that you see and many things that you don’t, but all that is around us, including humanity, He created. Our problems are big problems to us, but to God they are small. He can take care of you, just as He takes care of the fish and the birds and the whales and all of the life on this planet. He knows when a sparrow dies and falls to the ground, so don’t you think He cares for you too? Seek Him out, find a way to learn of Him if possible. If you only read this site and can’t get to a church or find a Bible, then ask Him…ask God to make Himself known to you, He has done it before and He can do it for you if you will ask.

Don’t turn away from the opportunity to know Him…to know Jesus. You have this life, regardless of how your existence may be, and it is during the time that you have here that you must make the decision to follow Him, to give your life to Jesus. Because, once you are dead you will be in His Presence and the time to give your life to Him will be over. Make that decision while you can because He will answer you and come to you if you are seeking Him.

I pray for all of those who are reading this site and my others too. Please don’t let your chance to know Him slip away.

We should all be Thankful!

Thankful to our Creator who sustains us with his power for without it, everything which was created would fly apart. Regardless of the scientific explanation to the contrary, God is the one who is keeping everything going.

I read something the other day that quoted doctors as saying that they did not know what the reason was for people living longer who regularly attend church services. It is simply because they are serving their Creator and He is sustaining them, nothing more than that. But it is folly to those who don’t belong to Christ because they can’t understand it.

Our lives are to be living sacrifices to Him every day, not just when we need Him. Truly, we need Him every day and He desires our service and praise. He doesn’t need us the way we need our spouses, but He desires to know the desires of our hearts like a mother or father desires to know and hear from their children.

The love of God doesn’t depend on our service to Him nor does it depend on us at all. He loves us regardless. He desires our service to Him when we give our hearts to Him and to Jesus. We are not required to do this, but when your heart and spirit are changed by Jesus you will want to serve Him in some way. Being a deacon, a pastor, singing in a choir, teaching a class at church, cooking for the church, doing the best you can do at your regular job whatever that may be, these are all ways of serving Him daily. He doesn’t require us to be missionaries to other people, just to those around us.

All people are important to Him because He created us all. He formed us all in our mother’s womb from the bits of DNA of our mother and father. He knows exactly how you will look, how you will talk, what kind of temperament you will have, what choices you will make and why. The colour of your hair and how many there are on your head and the colour of your eyes are all things that He put there to make you who you are. He knows each of us more intimately than anyone else can. That is the God I serve gladly every day and I hope someday you will too.