Is anyone satisfied with life? Really?

In our world of instant potatoes, microwave popcorn, throw-away phones, etc. is it any wonder that we aren’t satisfied with life? Everything is easy, quick, “cheap”. Nothing lasts as long as we would like or feels as good as we had hoped. We are depressed, disillusioned and most of all angry at everyone and everything because nothing, nothing ever satisfies our hunger or our thirst for whatever it is we are searching for, no matter what it may be!

Boy, am I glad I got all of that off my chest!!

Your life doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to have everything instantly. Things that last are much more precious and harder to come by than the advertisements lead you to believe. Although the most precious and lasting relationship can last forever, most never realize it until it is too late. They find they have picked the wrong one and by that time there is no turning back. Or possibly, you might not wake up at all tomorrow. What then?

Will you find yourself facing God and not having an answer to His question, “What did you do with my Son?” Do you know who His Son is? Have you met Him? It really is easy you know? If you have been searching for something, but you are not sure what, it may be that you are truly being drawn to Him. Listen to that voice inside which is pulling on your heart. God is the creator and He loves His creation, you! Let Him into your life!  He can clean out the dirt, the cobwebs, and everything else that you think would make you un-worthy and make you whole and new again!

Call on Him!  Ask Jesus into your heart, simply, like a child. He will hear you and come into your life and make you and your life whole again, if you will let Him. That is all that He asks of you. Just give your life to Him. He doesn’t need your money, just your service to Him and His Kingdom.

God is the Creator and He is waiting

God is the Creator of all things. By His own word it is told to the world that He put the stars in their constellations for signs and seasons. He created and is creating even now. He is the one who knits together our bodies and molds the personality that He knows will be each one of us. Science can’t prove this with their theories or computer models or equations.

He created all things and by Him all things were created. The sun, the moon and all of the planets were placed where they are by Him. In their precise orbits so that none would interfere with the others and so that they would inspire mankind. Our own planet is exactly where it is supposed to be, not by accident but by design. God’s design.

The primates which our own theorists think that we came from are not our ancestors. We are similar in many respects but God made us in His image and He did not do it with another animal. Mankind was given a soul and the ability to choose what he does with his life. Primates and all other animals have no choice, they are and always have been what they are and cannot change because that is how God created them.

Granted, there are some early “kinds” that God created that changed due to their location or climate but that is adaptation not evolution. All life was created to produce according to its kind regardless of what it may have started out as. Mankind has always been that and was never “in the trees” as a primate.

I know there may be some or quite a few people who will disagree on these points but that is how it was told to Moses and handed down through the generations to us. Our world and our very lives would not exist without the grace of God and His love for us. All of us get to live another day because He wants us to, He needs us to be here to fulfill our purpose in His plan not because we have to pay bills!

Your life is much more than what you may think it is. It belongs to God and it follows His purpose whether you realize it or not. Even those of you who have not given your lives to Him, you still live because He wills it not because of anything that you or I do.

We do not and cannot exercise that much control over our lives even though we believe that we do. Can you change your hair color or texture at will? Can you affect the color of your skin? No!!  God made all of us the way we are for His purposes, not ours! He loves us all, even those who have turned their backs on Him. He doesn’t turn His back on us unless He knows that we will not come to Him, which He does. All the sermons and prayers will not help someone who will not come to Him, but they will convict that person in the end because they did not listen with their hearts.

The message has always been available to all. God wrote the message in the constellations, it has been preached in churches for over two thousand years and in synagogues for longer than that. Millions of people have heard the message but hearing doesn’t mean that they have taken the message into their hearts and believed fully in the Son of God, Yeshua (Jesus). The time is getting closer. The age of the Church is drawing to an end. The prophecies of Revelation are being fulfilled on a daily basis and quickly bringing about the “end of the age”. Read, pray, listen with your ears and your heart before it is too late. Once the door is shut by God, nothing on earth can open it again.

How much is too little?

Do you have the time to give to God? He gives us twenty-four hours in each day and all He asks for is a bit more than one hour in the morning and in the evening before bed. Do we give Him that? Most of us don’t unfortunately. I give Him my time while writing here and at my blog of the same name, but I don’t post here everyday.

I am sorry to say that my life, or my perception of it gets in the way of my service to Him. I have to ask His forgiveness for this everyday and sometimes I just don’t. I see my responsibilities to my family and the things I do for them as more important. They are NOT! My service to Him and His kingdom is more important than anything that I can do for my family.

We are a weak race of people, the human race not Caucasians, African-Americans, Indians, etc. These just separate us by skin color and culture and sometimes religion. But we are all of the same race, God made us that way although we can’t see it that way most of the time.

Our lives, our service to God and to our fellow man should be our way of life. Our religion should be to follow Christ’s example of service to each other not for ourselves. Selfish desires have caused far more pain and suffering in the world than all the war and disease combined. Religious wars and disputes have also caused their share but most of the real suffering was due to selfishness and greed.

Don’t let your life be defined by things that don’t belong in it. God put you where you are for a purpose, His purpose! Every person, every animal, every plant, and every microbe on this earth does the will of the Creator at one point or another. The human race is the only one that has the free will to do otherwise. He gave us that free will so we would come willingly to Him when He calls us.

If you are feeling that call or have heard it and not responded please consider doing so. God will bring you to Him once the call has been sent. You will answer Him but if it is a negative answer, you may not like the consequences afterward. He is not a vengeful God, but like your father here on earth He expects to be obeyed when He calls. Give your life to Him willingly and you will never regret it, I haven’t. He has taken care of my family’s needs ever since I was told I wasn’t needed at a former job almost two years ago. He will take care of yours too! Give Him the chance and He can make your life more than you ever thought it could be. It won’t be because of you, but because of Him.