We all need deep roots

Our lives and those of our loved ones are in danger of dying without a fountain of living water. The Word of God provides this for us, regardless of the circumstances or problems in our lives. It is something that we need to be grounded in from an early age and if we are not, almost anything can and will take its place.

Trees need a good established root system or they will not reach maturity and so do Christians. Those in our world who do not believe or who choose to believe a lie have very shallow roots or none at all.

In God’s Word, the palm tree is used as an example for a life lived through the grace of God. Since palm trees don’t produce fruit until maturity, their fruit gets sweeter as they age. The palm tree is also made up of living wood all the way to the bark and their roots are the same size no matter how long they are so they are strong and can withstand the forces that life throws at them.

In the fallen world that we live in, we have to have some sort of foundation. That root or foundation is the Word of God. It established the universe and the earth and brought forth life in its abundance. The beauty of the cosmos is reflects the beauty of His design in all of its ways. The heavens declare God’s glory,  and we should too!

At least half of every person belongs to……..?

Some more than others are controlled by their own lusts, pride, ambition or ego. There was a country song back in 1995 called “Cain’s Blood”. I don’t know if it ever became very popular but it describes the human condition perfectly. On one side is our conscience telling us that we shouldn’t be doing something we know is wrong and on the other is “Cain’s blood” , or the bad side of us, telling us to go ahead if it feels good.

There are many temptations in our world and for many people there is no way out, as far as they know. The way out is there, you just have to ask for it. Jesus provides the way and the Bible is the instruction book. It has always been there throughout history. Some people find it and embrace it, others know it is there but take a long time to embrace it. There are some people who reject it completely and want no part in any church or service to Him.

Those teachings come from God because the Bible is His word written by human hands by the prompting of His Spirit. God has led me to write this blog, although some people may not agree with nor believe that. I have never been a “writer” for most of my life until a few months ago when I started this. Now, I can’t stop writing!

Each person has the choice to make in their life which side they will follow. Nothing is ever forced on anyone regarding your spiritual condition. God left it up to us to decide. If we choose to follow Him and His Son, Jesus, we will have eternal life with Him in Heaven. If not, we will still have eternal life but it will be in torment because of the decision that we made not to follow Him. It won’t be because of anything that we did in our life here on earth. Paul was a persecutor of the early church and stood by while Stephen was stoned to death for doing nothing more than preaching about the risen Christ. So the most prolific writer of the New Testament was a murderer, and yet Jesus saw much more in him.

Your life doesn’t have to be just your job or where you live. It can be your service to Him! I would rather go into Heaven and hear the words from my Lord, “Well done good and faithful servant” than to have a billion dollars on earth. I still live in a “trashy trailer” and have all of my life. I am not ashamed of it. I would like to have a “real” house but that is not what a home is. Home is where you are loved and accepted and can enjoy being with your family in reasonable comfort. It doesn’t have to be anything more than that.  My real home is where Jesus is and I am looking forward to getting to see Him.