God’s Love is for all of us

Have you ever wondered if someone cared for you. I mean REALLY cared. God does and He proves it every day. When the sun comes up and you wake from a restful night’s sleep, He has blessed you with another day of life. When you see your son or daughter laughing, that is a blessing from God as well. The small blessings that we take for granted everyday all come from Him.

The love of God is boundless and His mercy endures forever, as does His patience. If God was not so patient, our lives would be very different today if we were still here.

There are so many different religions or pseudo-religions today that many people are getting confused as to what they should believe. The only way to have eternal life with Jesus is belief in Him! These other “ways” are only pathways to hell. You won’t be serving the devil or partying or having fun like you may have been told. It will be eternal punishment because you have chosen not to accept Jesus. He doesn’t send you to hell for any other reason.

Give Him your life and you will never regret it. Do it soon, because we are not guaranteed our next breath and you may not have tomorrow or the next day to “wait until I am ready”.


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