Salvation, is it possible for all?

According to the Word, yes it is possible. Jesus is the way, the Truth and the author of Life eternal. He came so that we might live for Him and through Him, He did not come to be worshiped, although it is due to Him because He is God the Son, the Creator and Redeemer of us all. Worshiping Jesus should be an honor and serving Him here or in Heaven is not enough to repay Him for what He did for us.  He came to give us life and freedom from sin, regardless of what the sin might be.

YoushallbesavedAll that the thief did on the cross next to Jesus was to believe in Who He was and he asked Him to remember him when He came into His Kingdom. Jesus did remember him and he was taken into paradise that very night after he died on the cross. His last breath on the cross led to his first breath in Heaven. That thief is still there and will be there for eternity, just as you and I will be if we have believed in Jesus.

God loves us, each of us, and it is humbling to be loved by the Creator of the universe. The problem that most people that I know seems to be with the simplicity of receiving their salvation. The Bible says that we must believe that Jesus died to pay the ransom for us in order to be saved. We don’t have to believe “in” Jesus or God, but we have to believe that what Jesus did is enough to save us.

Just as Abraham believed God and what God had told him and it was credited to him as righteousness, we have to believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day in order to save us. That is all that is required of us…is the belief in His saving grace and in what He did for us and the acceptance that it was enough.

Satan believes in God and Jesus because he knows that they are and that they exist, but he refuses to serve them. His pride and arrogance won’t allow him to be the servant that he was created to be, because he wants to be “like God”. The created cannot be “like God”, we have been given the privilege of being adopted into God’s family through Jesus and that should be enough. Eternal life with Him is something that we should all strive for because in serving Him in this life we gain eternity, what is more valuable than that?


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