Our lives belong to Him, especially when we have accepted Him as our Savior

The way the world looks at Christians, we are narrow minded, intolerant, hateful of others’ lifestyles and beliefs, yada, yada,yada, etc. The world sees us this way no matter how much we may do for others.

We are this way because if we are true to our belief, that is how we must be. God doesn’t tolerate sinful lifestyles, beliefs which don’t include Him or Jesus or those who believe that they can get to Heaven without Him.

I know this is a hard, cold way of introduction to a loving Father, but would your earthly father do any less? If there were others trying to teach my son differently than the way I have brought him up, I would be intolerant and narrow minded toward them too. Can we expect the Creator to be any different? He says all of this in His word, the Bible. Many people don’t ever read their Bible much less study the meaning in the words.

Our loving Creator has left instructions for our lives and the way they should be lived, why not read them? It is much better than any “self-help” book and covers much more than most do. I know that many so-called men don’t read the instruction book for doing things like putting something together, or how to program a VCR or DVR. But the Bible actually is the instruction book for life, our life. It will make nearly any situation easier to handle, if we let Him be our guide.

Give God and His advice for your life a chance to help. Because in all situations, He knows exactly what will happen and to whom. Let Him into your life and into your heart and your life on earth will never be the same, it will be better!


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