Do you know God?

If you go to church and if you read your Bible, can you know God the way that he wants you to know Him? Our lives are extremely hectic today and in many ways we don’t have the time to truly get to know God. I think He would really love to get to know each and every one of us. According to His word, the Bible, that is exactly what He wants.

Today it seems that those that He created have no interest in learning about or getting to know Him. Our Creator, the Creator of all things, cares deeply about each and every one of us. Otherwise He wouldn’t have placed us on such a perfectly sized planet, in a perfect orbit around our Sun. Everything on earth works together to keep our life-sustaining planet from being a garbage heap.

It truly is sad that our lives have become so loaded with information and news and constant instant communication until we seem to be addicted to it all. The reason that we are that way is because we want more information about our father, God. Though most of us don’t know what we’re looking for, or where to find the information. We’re just looking for something and we tend to try almost anything to fill the gap . Until we find Him, and invite him in, that part of our hearts will forever have an empty feeling.

Are you looking for Jesus today? He’s waiting for you. If you only invited me in, He would say, I would always be there no matter what. Our Creator knows us far more intimately than we realize or could possibly understand. Artists do have an idea of the way God feels toward us, at least those artists that sculpt or mold their art do. A potter does this when he creates a vase because he has to put his vision into it to make it what he sees in his mind. That is how God creates each of us, in His mind. He has known us since the beginning of time,  He knows exactly what we will look like and how we will act toward others and toward Him far in advance of us being born. God is not surprised by anything. Give Him a chance in your life, invite Him in and you will never be alone again!


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